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Building a safer tomorrow

Empowering city officials to improve residents’ lives with data-driven video technology.

Descubra lo que pueden ofrecerle las soluciones de Milestone


Securing cities, protecting lives

Rapid urbanization is changing the way we live and affecting mobility and safety. Data-driven video technology delivers the insights and capabilities to maintain and improve urban quality of life. It enables security operators, law enforcement, emergency services and others to seamlessly collaborate and quickly act. With centralized solutions based on XProtect® video management software (VMS), we can create safer, smarter cities.

See how it’s done with video

Discover how city first responders, municipal departments and law enforcement can use XProtect to improve safety and quality of life.

Employ new solutions to old problems

XProtect VMS enables cities to take care of everyday challenges while preparing for the future.

Boost public safety

Keep a keen eye on parks, shopping malls, transit stations, and more to detect suspicious activities, prevent vandalism, and investigate incidents to improve overall safety. All while gathering valuable evidence for law enforcement agencies.

Make data-driven decisions

Uncover crime trends and identify areas where attention is needed. Through video and IoT data, you're equipped to allocate resources efficiently, tackle potential dangers, and promote community engagement.

Improve quality of life

Whether it's greater resident satisfaction or enhanced mobility, XProtect centralizes your city operations, enabling swift action, fostering closer collaboration, and boosting quality of life for residents.

<p class="msds-text-header-3-light  msds-text-gray-10" style="text-align: center;">Milestone's search capabilities are very sophisticated. They have reduced the time it takes us to find specific footage by around 95%, allowing us to pinpoint a specific time across all our camera streams accurately and quickly.</p> Image

Milestone's search capabilities are very sophisticated. They have reduced the time it takes us to find specific footage by around 95%, allowing us to pinpoint a specific time across all our camera streams accurately and quickly.

Dylan Styles, City Security Project Officer at Hobart

Unlock the potential of video across your city

Learn how XProtect’s core features, extensions and third-party integrations add more functionality to your system.

XProtect Corporate

Access Control

XProtect Rapid REVIEW

Crowd Management

Gunshot Detection

License Plate Recognition

Centralize large-scale operations

XProtect Corporate is the perfect choice for large-scale, high-security deployments. It enables more efficient and connected city operations.

The management platform, advanced video grooming functions, and encryption capabilities centralize operations and reduce video storage costs. You are can also count on the integrity of video evidence and its compliance with industry and federal regulations.

As an open platform, XProtect enables diverse installations to be seamlessly integrated.

Cross-check data and video

With XProtect you can centralize and automate your access control functions directly in the platform. This includes large sites with hundreds of access points.

The access control function links relevant cameras with sensors, and adds an additional layer of verification to ensure only authorized people can enter restricted areas.

Due to the open platform nature of XProtect, you can also supplement notifications, event logging, and video tagging with documented access control capabilities— all

Find more, search less

Locating an incident, individual, vehicle or item on video has traditionally been extremely time-consuming, especially when a site has multiple cameras recording 24/7.

XProtect® Rapid REVIEW helps reduce the time it takes to narrow down the search. What took hours now takes minutes thanks to detailed search filtering and advanced analytics.

Manage crowd safety and ease mobility

The public inconvenience and potential danger associated with large crowds, such as at sports events and busy transport hubs, can be mitigated or prevented with video technology.

As well as giving security teams enhanced situational awareness, XProtect lets you integrate a range of analytics functions including people counting, and heat mapping. It helps take the pressure off police and security staff, who can be deployed or quickly directed to where they are needed most.

Act faster, save lives

In firearm incidents, every second counts. Gunshot Detection Technology instantly alerts law enforcement and pinpoints where the shots were fired to ensure the fastest response possible and to prevent violence and potential escalation.

This technology also provides valuable data and insights to assist city officials in analyzing crime patterns, identifying high-crime areas, and implementing targeted interventions.

Recognize. Authorize. Protect.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) offers a range of benefits, from apprehending criminals to easing parking and traffic management in busy city areas.

Law enforcement can use it to identify and track vehicles as well in post-event investigations. LPR also reduces the complexity and costs of managing parking buildings and subscriptions and collecting tolls. All the data being collected is shared across city departments.

Making cities safer and improving lives

Keep your city safe by connecting people and data. Download this eBook to discover technologies that are closing the gap between operators and authorities, increasing efficiency and shared insights. We’ll explore 5G and loT connectivity, security enablement using AI, situational awareness, how to gain actionable insights beyond security, and more.

Improving city mobility using connected video technology

Discover best practices to improve your city’s traffic and transportation. Download this eBook to discover video technology that can help improve your city’s mobility, safety, and long-term sustainability. We’ll cover how to review potential risks in your city’s traffic and crowd management, as well cover how to monitor critical public safety information, such as air quality in congested areas.

Safeguarding City Residents

Proactive technology can help city officials prevent problems, rather than reacting after incidents occur. Hear from Milestone's safe city experts, Jason Tyre and José Brito, as they share how this technology is enabling cities to uncover crime trends, monitor and improve traffic flow, and allocate resources efficiently. Watch the full interview to learn more.

Cybersecurity you can trust 

Our approach to cybersecurity is a carefully developed and proven combination of features, expertise, training, and close collaboration with you. Among other features, XProtect offers:

Get enhanced security and protection against unauthorized access to sensitive video data with encryption and password protection of video databases and exports.
User rights management
Ensure that only authorized personnel can view sensitive information with strict and time-controlled user rights management.
Third-party safety
Get increased security by ensuring that all third-party applications integrated via Milestone Integration Platforms are fully authenticated and authorized.

Aproveche todas las ventajas de Milestone

Confíe en la tecnología de vídeo de Milestone, con soluciones probadas en más de 500 000 instalaciones de clientes y 25 años de experiencia en el sector.

Red mundial de socios
Acceda a la experiencia y la asistencia de nuestros más de 11.000 revendedores e integradores en todo el mundo.
Plataforma abierta
Obtenga una solución totalmente configurable con las posibilidades casi ilimitadas de nuestro software de plataforma abierta.
Inversión a prueba de futuro
Añada y elimine dispositivos a medida que evolucionen sus necesidades con nuestro sencillo modelo de licencia por dispositivo.


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