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Increased Resolution, Reduced Bandwidth Pace Today’s Video Technology

Security Technology Executive Magazine spoke with Kenneth Hune Petersen, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Milestone Systems

Written by Steve Lasky, Editor, Security Technology Executive Magazine

This issue Security Technology Executive editorial director Steve Lasky sits down with several of the industry’s top experts to find out what’s trending and what issues were shaping the future of video surveillance technology. Here is what they had to say:

Kenneth Hune Petersen: Milestone Systems’ open platform technology and integration with other IP-based systems has changed the video surveillance industry. Now, video enabling - the combination of video and other business systems - is the way forward. It is not a move away from security, but rather additions of other functions to that of traditional asset protection and loss prevention. The amount of revenue-generating potential inherent in video enabling is a ‘win-win-win’ for vendors, partners and the customers. We see tremendous opportunities in areas such as customer service, elderly care, training, education and environmental applications.

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