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Milestone Systems co-sponsors Homeland Security conference

Nordic Challenges 2005

Milestone Systems co-sponsored the Homeland Security Conference called Nordic Challenges 2005, presented by UNISYS in cooperation with CISCO Systems Danmark and EMC2. The event was held at the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Monday 18 April 2005.

Key speakers included:
- Steven M. Martinez, Director of the Cyber Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), USA,
  Director of the Cyber Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), USA
- Sargeant Dean Zanone, Network Government Public Safety, Security and Mobility, Network 
  Government Public Safety, Security and Mobility
  Jens Højberg, Deputy Director, EUROPOL
- Søren Gade, Minister of Defense, Denmark
- Pernilla Skantz, Policy Advisor at ENISA, European Network & Information Security Agency
- Tommy Lindstrom, former Chief Commissioner of the Swedish National Bureau of Investigation,
  former Chief Commissioner of the Swedish National Bureau of Investigation.
- Greg Baroni, Corporate VP & President of the Global Sector at Unisys

Attendees included important people from the military, police and security agencies or ministries in Northern European countries.

This photo shows Lars Thinggaard, CEO of Milestone Systems, with Søren Gade, Minister of Defense for Denmark, at the Homeland Security Nordic Challenges 2005 event where Milestone Systems IP video surveillance software was demonstrated.

Topics discussed included threats from terrorism and organized crime, the spread of contagious illnesses, industrial accidents, natural disasters, IT and digital susceptability, and infrastructure vulnerabilities such as the need to protect electrical and power utilities, transportation, as well as financial and economic risks. These involve such considerations as interoperability, physical and logical access controls, surveillance and detection, identification and documentation.

Everyone present agreed that globalization has created an international scope that requires good communications, coordination and collaboration between nations to focus on prevention, protection, detection, and prosecution. The US participants shared their experiences setting up the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) and other Homeland Security initiatives after the 9/11 events of 2001, and references were made to 3/11/2004 in Madrid and earlier incidences in the UK and other places around the world.
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