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Digital Surveillance Wins

Article on Milestone partner AC Sikring in security magazine 'Installationsnyt'.

The Danish security industry magazine called Installationsnyt ran an article in their September 2003 issue entitled "Digital Surveillance Wins!". Here is an excerpt of the English translation:

Technical developments in video surveillance are progressing very fast. The Danish security company AC Sikring A/S is meeting these head on with a special focus on the many new opportunities and advantages of network-based digital video monitoring.

AC Sikring A/S was founded in 1988, at a time when there were only tapes being sold to monitor customer’s companies. Today, with offices in multiple locations in Denmark, they are advising customers to buy digital video systems that are network based. The main reason for this, according to the company manager Bent Schwartzbach, is that the digital setup provides a flexible and future-safe solution that is also cost efficient.