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Open Options helps capture technology thief at ASIS show

Missing equipment is recovered after reviewing Open Options' access control software with integrated video from Milestone Systems
Atlanta, GA - September 15, 2008: While demonstrating a preview of DNA Fusion, Open Options captured more than just the attention of the show attendees looking for a quality access solution. Open Options was instrumental in stopping a pair of thieves from taking equipment from exhibitors on the ASIS show floor.

Contronics, a manufacturer of guard tour devices, realized that some of their equipment was missing from their display table. Upon noticing that Open Options had an Axis IP camera pointed in their direction from across the aisle, Jack DiGiuseppe, a Commercial Sales Agent for Contronics, asked if Open Options was recording the video and if it could be reviewed. Roscoe Coffman, Director of Operations for Open Options, was able to easily call up the recorded video from DNA Fusion with integrated Milestone and exported a video clip of the couple that had taken the equipment.

"We are very fortunate to have the footage captured in such high quality," said DiGiuseppe. "The image was so clear that there was no question in identifying the thieves."

With the video evidence, the couple was quickly located and the Atlanta Police Department was called in to arrest the couple and return the stolen equipment. According to other sources, the couple had several bags of stolen equipment from multiple vendors at the show including Contronics and had intentions of taking the technology overseas to reverse engineer the equipment for resale.

About Open Options, Inc.
Open Options, Inc. is a technology-based access control and software development company with a strong commitment to proving the value of the open architecture concept. Open Options offers security management solutions for extended enterprise applications as well as small, growing systems. More information can be found on the web at

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