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Tackling COVID-19 As A Community

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Benjamin Low
April 07, 2020
As governments, businesses and individuals across the globe navigate a new world in these grim times of COVID-19, I remain inspired and humbled by the way we have been responding to the situation. We’ve seen people come together, corporations adapt to the largest work from home experiment in the world, and communities step up to support vulnerable groups, as well as all the brave staff in the healthcare sectors who work tirelessly to treat and care for affected patients.
In the wise words of John Adams, every problem is an opportunity in disguise. And we all have a role to play in overcoming adversity.

100% commitment to customers and partners
The key lesson for the technology industry in the days just after the COVID-19 outbreak was how quickly we stepped up to ensure that our employees are safe and well-equipped to work remotely. We split teams as soon as the first few cases surfaced to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, service partners and communities. This continues to be our number one commitment. Given the recent developments in the APAC region and across the globe, I urge my colleagues and the Milestone community to adhere to governments’ advisories and practice social distancing.
100% commitment to quality and service
Although the ongoing disruption may have changed the way we work, our commitment to quality service remains the same. Our team is fully equipped and set up to support customers and partners remotely through various digital tools. While the current global situation makes it difficult for in person meetings, our team has been working on delivering informative content and company updates through digital channels. We’ve just announced Milestone’s APAC Coffee Webinars series. I invite you to participate in these ‘virtual coffee’ meetings with our teams to find out what is currently going on in the industry, speak to some great technology partners or pick up tips and tricks from our presales team.

We also recognise that the situation surrounding COVID-19 outbreak is impacting the entire VMS industry. What we’ve been hearing from partners is that business is more challenging and new opportunities are becoming scarce. To give our partner community a helping hand in this difficult time, we’ve also launched a new Care campaign. This includes upgrade offers, extra support, and lucrative offers for Care coverage to extend a helping hand. For more information, reach out to your local Milestone care contact.

Our team is also continuously focused on innovation, and I believe that the solutions we develop together with our partners will continue to provide support in keeping cities all around the world safe.
Service to the community
Technology has proven to be instrumental in the fight against COVID-19. The World Health Organisation has recognised the significant role of AI, big data and surveillance systems in China’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak and keeping the virus contained.

Through this challenging time, video technologies have been increasingly adopted to support frontline heroes in high-risk environments such as airports, train stations and immigration checkpoints to medical facilities and hospitals.

As a video management company, we take this responsibility very seriously and will work closely with our partners to navigate these unprecedented times together. Our Video Management Systems provide an open platform that allows the integration of various technologies, such as AI, analytics and heat-mapping capabilities, into video systems that play a key role in frontline containment strategies.

At airports and immigration checkpoints, we see that video systems are being outfitted with thermal or infrared capabilities to allow immigration and health officials to quickly identify and isolate unwell individuals to prevent further spread of the disease. AI capabilities also provide frontline staff with active assets that can process and assess multiple individuals simultaneously, reducing a great strain on manpower resources.
Similar deployments at hospitals have also proven effective to minimize contact between infected patients and medical staff, helping them to monitor and study patient behaviour remotely, in a non-intrusive manner. For medical staff taking care of quarantined patients, video analytics are also useful as they can quickly notify if a bed-bound patient needs assistance or if a high-risk patient has had a fall. These are but some ways that video is playing a part in the effort against COVID-19.

Interestingly, the disruption is forcing industries to look for opportunities to stand out amidst the chaos and leverage this time for introspection and growth. Technology buzz words such as AI, IoT, cloud and data analytics should now be recognized as tools that will help companies and solution providers leap forward as they find new ways to innovate and integrate these technologies with their existing infrastructures. 

At Milestone, we stand together with our customers and partners, and pledge to continually facilitate connections and networks, to innovate and deliver solutions that will help minimize and mitigate impact to their bottom-line, while helping to make the cities of tomorrow smarter and safer. Together, we will come out ahead from these times of uncertainty. 

For more information about our solutions visit: www.milestonesys.com
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