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Vi arbejder hårdt på at gøre alle siderne på tilgængelige på så mange sprog som muligt. Men denne proces tager tid. Selvom alle ​​vores funktioner er flersprogede. Så vil der være nogen sider, som denne, der endnu ikke er tilgængelig på dit sprog.
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Milestone releases Xprotect® Business 3.1

Xprotect Business 3.1 has new features unique in video surveillance software.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - 20 May 2003.

The Milestone Xprotect Business solution provides state-of-the-art digital video surveillance using networked IP-based video equipment, controlling 1 to 64 cameras per server. The newest version 3.1 released this month offers many advanced features that provide real benefits for even more effective handling of security needs.

• Cameras can be set to speed up the number of frames when motion is detected or an event occurs (like activation of an external sensor). Customers can be sure to get those critical extra details when something is happening.

• Camera recordings can be viewed simultaneously from 4 to 16 cameras. The Recordings Browser now supports synchronized playback of recordings from 4 to 16 cameras at the same time, including playback of one audio channel at the same time. This allows all perspectives on a motion or event to be seen and analysed more fully.

• Tri-monitor viewing now gives more flexibility. The standard Xprotect Business solution already allowed dual-monitors with the main one showing the matrix overview of all cameras and a second monitor showing a floating ‘hot spot window’ view from one selected camera. Now, with version 3.1, a third monitor can also show the Recordings Browser interface for simultaneous playback of recordings.

• Multiple, varied user profiles that have different access rights on individual cameras are now possible. The built-in Web server interface that provides remote access to live cameras and recordings now also allows advanced user profiles via the camera-to-user assignment function: the main administrator can set up the separate users to view specific cameras for their locations only. That’s efficient!

• Vastly improved logging information allows the administrator to see which users have logged on through the Web server interface, monitoring which cameras and when.

• Automatic archiving on another network drive. Daily archiving of recordings is now a two-phase process allowing customers to use a slower, low-cost drive for long-term storage. This can mean big savings in their storage capacity on the local server.

"Our global partner channel is very enthusiastic about the Xprotect Business solution," reports Henrik Friborg, VP Partner Relations and co-founder of Milestone Systems. "The newest features have been developed in response to working closely with them on customers’ needs. Our ongoing investments in R & D ensure that we will continue to deliver the most advanced solutions for IP-based video surveillance software."