Vi er stadig i gang med at lære dit sprog at kende

Vi arbejder hårdt på at gøre alle siderne på tilgængelige på så mange sprog som muligt. Men denne proces tager tid. Selvom alle ​​vores funktioner er flersprogede. Så vil der være nogen sider, som denne, der endnu ikke er tilgængelig på dit sprog.
Tak for din forståelse.


Business rhetoric keeps Malou Toft sharp!

Berlingske, a leading newspaper in Denmark, conducted an interview with Malou Toft, Vice President for EMEA at Milestone Systems. The story describes how Malou is working consistently with business rhetoric to make sure that the right message comes across.

Business rhetoric can maximize the impact of any speaking opportunity and create growth for a company, according to a professional business rhetoric coach. For Anders Theilgaard Iversen and Malou Toft, the use of business rhetoric is an invaluable part of their jobs….

For a number of years, Malou Toft has used business rhetoric to foster personal impact by adding clarity and consistency to her communication. Before becoming a VP, she didn’t have much experience as an external speaker on larger stages. This week, she has spoken in front of 850 people at a trade show.

“I haven’t been on a stage talking to a large audience in my previous career. It is crucial to know how you move around, how you deliver the first two minutes of an address. Particularly if you have to convey changes to a business or an organization”, she is quoted saying.

Retrieved from Berlingske. The gated article can be accessed here