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Vollmer Security chooses IP video surveillance for money processing cash centre

Article from PROTECTOR magazine's May issue.

VOLLMER SECURITY uses network-based video surveillance solutions for secure cash centre money processing.

In money processing centres that handle large amounts of coins and notes for customers such as banks, savings banks and communication companies, the security requirements are stipulated by the customers and, last but not least, the insurance companies. Vollmer Security opted for a digital video surveillance system for the security of its cash centres.

Very strict security requirements are applied to money processing centres. For example, every work process must be traceable; the documentation tracking the work must be saved for up to 60 days in the form of a video recording. Moreover, extra backup by video is also required, which must be visible in the form of live pictures in the surveillance control station of the relevant company.

The Managing Director of Vollmer Security summarises the requirements of the video surveillance system: "The goal was to guarantee our employees and customers the best possible security whilst meeting the high demands of the insurance company. At the same time, we also wanted for ourselves – as a money processor – to ensure that our investment was protected."

Developments for the security area

The managers at Vollmer Security decided to opt for a digital security surveillance solution from DSS (Datensicherheit & Service GmbH) called the Sevis solution, that integrates the Sevis EventView control station software and the XProtect recording software from Milestone Systems, with Axis 2400+ video servers, to which special digital cameras for the cash point area are connected. The software solution is based on the TCP/IP network protocol, which allows it to be integrated into the existing network. Altogether 24 cameras were installed. The recordings from 12 cameras are saved for 60 days, 30 days from eight other cameras, and seven days from the remaining cameras.

Since July 2003, the Sevis solution has been successfully used in a Vollmer Security money-processing centre. With this solution, all the requirements of a continuous and maintenance-free surveillance operation are ensured 24 hours a day. This network based surveillance solution is easy to install, uncomplicated to handle, and good value for money.

Why digital surveillance?

The Sevis solution is a 100% digital surveillance system using all the advantages of existing network wiring. Combined with today’s IP technology, high quality digital video recordings are possible. A digital solution also guarantees flexible access to the recording system from anywhere in the world.

The Sevis video surveillance system is easy to manage; the controls and surveillance plan can be seen on the screen at the same time. A flexible user interface allows users to set the cameras to be viewed, the planning, the user rights, the storage options, and the e-mail or text message alerting. Integrated motion detectors allow the event-generated transfer of alarm images via the Axis cameras. High quality video streams are recorded at a speed of up to 25 images per second. The Sevis EventView software can simultaneously be used for live monitoring.

Most important functions:

• Live image viewing of selected cameras using Sevis EventView software with event-generated pop-up window
• Recording from up to 64 cameras
• Adjustable recording capacity
• Daily archiving for all cameras, can also be stored externally
• Research access via network
• Extension to the existing IT infrastructure
• Extensive export possibilities for the conservation of evidence
• Fast finding of recordings, no lengthy video tape searches
• Automatic storage
• No video tape changing

- This article was published in PROTECTOR magazine, May 2004, on page 20, in the special section: 'Security Technology - Video Surveillance'.

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