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Jean Lim
Communications Manager, APAC
May 07, 2021
There's nothing easy about selecting the best VMS platform, with plenty of different solutions to choose from, each built around a different philosophy and with different network and operational requirements.
This article was published by Security Solutions in April, featuring Milestone's Brett Hansen, Country Manager SPAC.

Milestone's Brett Hansen believes the key functionalities people look for in a VMS are based around the effectiveness of producing outcomes that the user Is looking to achieve.

"These outcomes revolve around situational awareness to allow them to make accurate, efficient decisions, "Hansen says. "These outcomes can cover anything from typical surveillance requirements all the way up to beyond security approaches for business, health and safety as well as retail needs, to name a few."

According to Hansen, recent events have highlighted how important VMS flexibility can be.
"We've seen how a year like 2020 can drastically change our environment," he says. "To allow organisations to move with change and meet market demands, VMS needs to be agile and scalable. Allowance for adoption of new technology integrations is critical, as much as proactive system health and cyber protection."
Hybrid VMS folds into scalability, particularly as it applies to operational effectiveness verses budget. On premises storage that allows for cloud archive and even more effective metadata cloud storage allows organisations to apply on demand analytics on historical data.
For Hansen, graphics and mapping are vital to a quality VMS.
"Graphics and mapping speak to the effectiveness of situational awareness. allowing users and operators to make key decisions in a contextual method," he explains. "You then allow for access and intrusion control into graphics and mapping as part of the integration requirement for VMS. I don't believe the complexity of the VMS deployment needs to impact the user's operational experience. While there may be challenges as a site scales, it's vital the operator can make quick, well informed decisions."
Obviously with VMS, integration is very important, as it promotes decision making options, such as command and control for a user/operator from a single pane of glass. This type of integration speaks to efficiencies and leads to better, taster decision-making abilities.
For Hansen, licensing and development are interrelated.
"Development is key to being scalable and agile, as well as being at the forefront of cyber security," he says.
As previously mentioned with the importance of integration, 3rd party applications, devices and hardware constantly evolve, so maintaining a VMS application also ensures the ongoing functionality of the platform and the adoption of new features from these developing applications and devices. 

When it comes to video analytics, it's important that the organisation's outcomes are clearly understood so the analytic solution is applied effectively and is able to achieve the end user's desired outcomes. If we keep this in mind, edge-based and/or server-based analytic solutions to key camera locations can deliver these outcomes and maintain budget.
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