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Jean Lim
Communications Manager, APAC
March 29, 2021
IFSEC India spoke to Sandesh Kaup, Country Manager, Milestone Systems, India & SAARC to understand his views on how the pandemic has disrupted the Indian security industry, new tech they are betting on to be more relevant in the changed scenario, their plans on the ‘Make in India’ strategy for security products manufacturing and the focus areas for Milestone in the year 2021. Interviewed by Adeesh Sharma.
Your organisation’s views on how the pandemic has disrupted the Indian security industry?
Although the on-going disruptions may have changed the way we work, our commitment to quality service remains the same. Our Milestone team in India is fully equipped and set up to support our customers and partners remotely through various digital tools such as online trainings and webinars. Interestingly, these disruptions are reshaping the industries and people are now looking at technological innovations as opportunities to stand out from their competition.

Across India, we see workplace reforms - like working from home, social distancing and limiting the number of employees coming to work, while companies and solution providers are also looking at new ways to innovate and integrate technologies such as AI, IoT and cloud with their existing workplace infrastructures.
Which new tech are you betting on to be more relevant in the changed scenario?
Ever since the pandemic, digitisation has become the key to the future as we started to work and depend more on online platforms and online media. With this growing rate of advanced digitisation, contemporary technologies such as AI, IoT, cloud, and data analytics will become more prominent in the future.

Milestone Systems is looking at an increased adoption of hybrid architecture and mobile-app-based solutions so security personnel can reach out to address emergencies faster. Their mobile applications can instantly notify them of undesirable occurrences, therefore increasing situational awareness, and reducing the response time.

In an open architecture Video Management System, limitless devices can be integrated together, which naturally increases the periphery of video-based security solutions. Having a brand agnostic platform, like Milestone’s XProtect, enables a seamless and efficient integration of technologies.

Video analytics on access control, proximity detection, temperature detection, contact tracing, and more, are working together to help make decision making easier for security teams, law enforcers and administrators. This is especially so in places where strict rules of social distancing, limited access, people counting measures are still in place.
In 2021, we can expect security agencies, and more IT departments migrating towards the cloud and hybrid services, following the lead of the government and private sectors in India.
Do you plan to implement the ‘Make in India’ strategy for security products manufacturing?
As a software company, ensuring the security and integrity of all Milestone installations will always remain our top priority. We are committed to minimizing our customers’ exposure to risk by ensuring our software and hardware are secure by design, secure by default and secure by deployment.

If a vulnerability flaw is detected, Milestone has always provided timely mitigations and/or software updates with security fixes to customers and partners free of charge – as long as the product is still supported.
What shall be the focus areas for Milestone in the year 2021?
India is a significant market with emerging newer opportunities across all segments, ranging from retail, and transport to government initiatives like the development of smart cities. Currently, we have a significant market share and a huge referral base across verticals in the region.

In India and in the SAARC region, we are committed to ambitious growth and are planning to increase our innovation capacity together with our growing base of partners. For the past 3-4 years, our key focus areas have been in smart cities and airports. In the coming years, we are looking to venture into critical infrastructure, the utility sector and other major enterprises as well as looking to strengthen our partner community in India.

We have also initiated expansion of our India team, with major hires in senior management to support our partner communities.

We are also looking to expand our Bangalore center and launch a Customer Experience Center and Custom Development Centre in India.

This interview was originally published on IFSEC India.
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