Improved Surveillance and Security
Seaport Relies on Open-Platform Video for Security, Logistics and Environmental Protection
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Eric Moe
Director of Sales, North America
April 29, 2020
Port Fourchon plays a strategic role in supplying the United States with nearly 18 percent of its oil supply, servicing over 90% of the Gulf of Mexico’s deepwater exploration and production. Securing such an essential portion of the Gulf Coast requires a hands-on team of security professionals to watch for unauthorized activities and enhance the safety of workers and officers.
As the first land point of contact for approximately 90 percent of all Gulf of Mexico deep-water activities, including more than 600 rigs and platforms within a 40-mile radius, Louisiana’s Port Fourchon has unique safety standards to combat potentially devastating safety issues that may damage vessels, equipment, products and people working at the Port. Obsolete surveillance equipment previously used to monitor the area was not sufficient to support the new C4 platform.

Milestone XProtect® Enterprise software has been deployed by Convergint Technologies to manage 64 cameras from Bosch and Pelco. With Milestone’s ability to display video in real-time and its open platform architecture for integration with analytics from BRS Labs, the Port's personnel have the benefit of a much more comprehensive and responsive video surveillance resource.

“On a day-to-day basis, we are observing numerous points of interest throughout the port, in addition to providing a helping hand to the security officers,” said April Danos, Director of IT, Port Fourchon. “The video surveillance system has been taken to an entirely new level, integrating multiple systems for complete coverage. Milestone's open platform allows us to feed video analytics and disparate cameras through it, and the entire Port is benefiting immensely."
All of the systems we implement at the port are brought in with the security factor in mind. Milestone has been very impressive as we adapt our system to improve operations every day.
April Danos, Director of IT, Port Fourchon
Easy Integration
The previous surveillance system, installed more than a decade ago, was not up to the standards required by the Port for its new C4 installation. Many members of the Port’s security department and police force experienced difficulties with the existing video system for its less-than-user-friendly interface, slow feeds, minimal storage, and the need for more cameras.

“We all agreed that our new video management system should be easy to integrate and allow us to dovetail with our legacy equipment while having an opportunity to shop around for upgraded hardware without any proprietary restrictions,” stated April Danos, Director of IT, Port Fourchon. “The ability to scale up over the years to increase the port’s protection was another very important aspect that needed to be addressed with the incoming VMS solution.”

Key points in the Port's request for proposals included a system with minimal maintenance requirements, video display in real-time, user-friendly operation, and the ability to easily integrate a variety of already installed and soon-to-be-installed components: new servers, cameras, analytics software, for instance.

The Milestone video product feeds the C4 common operating picture, enabling the dispatchers to maintain the big picture while having the ability to monitor video surveillance throughout the Port.

“The port has transformed its security platform to a new level,” concluded Danos. “We are working to be as far-sighted as possible, with the integration of our numerous best-of-breed applications, so that the C4 system will always provide the highest level of maritime domain awareness. Starting with the Milestone open platform has allowed us to integrate numerous video applications through it, and the entire Port is benefiting immensely.”