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You must be a Milestone Technology Partner to join Marketplace. Our Milestone Technology Partner program takes an active role in driving the industry by supporting and promoting companies that create applications, hardware or services that meet customer needs.  

Questions about joining the Milestone Technology Partner program? Contact via the form and we will be in touch.
We offer two subscriptions: 
  • Our Free subscription allows you to promote your applications, hardware, or services and create general brand awareness.
  • Our Premium subscription has more advanced capabilities, that gives potential customers a taste of your applications, hardware, or services with “Free trial” and “Book a Demo” campaigns that create valuable leads outside your existing local networks.

Each subscription includes one content page. You can try out the premium subscription for free for the first six months. After that, the cost is €500/month billed annually. You can upgrade or cancel your subscription at any time.

See our Terms of Use for more information on subscriptions.
Marketplace is designed to feature applications, hardware or services that integrate with, are designed for, or work with Milestone XProtect VMS. Examples include an access control system that integrates its alarms and events into Milestone VMS, a PSIM system that uses video streams from Milestone VMS, or a reference architecture that optimizes the use of Milestone VMS with hardware devices or IT infrastructure components.

The documentation uploaded to Marketplace must clearly describe how the application, hardware or service is used in combination with Milestone XProtect VMS.
To add content to Marketplace, you must have the following information ready:
  • Minimum 3 screenshots, videos or images, that help potential customers understand how your applications, hardware, or services work with Milestone's VMS.
  • Relevant documentation, like installation guides that explain how the application, hardware, or service is integrated with Milestone's VMS and how it is installed.
  • Your contact information, for when potential customers want to know more about your product. Include local contacts and an estimated response time.
  • The Milestone certification or verification document for your application, hardware or service should be ready to upload.
  • Documentation showing that your applications, hardware, or services comply with GDPR regulations.
You must be a Milestone Technology Partner to get your technology offering verified and to join Marketplace. 

Milestone Verification is intended to verify the compatibility of the partner’s specific application, hardware or service. Verification is based on documentation submitted, combined with a current version of Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS). 

The technical setup, configuration, testing and operations are done by the partner. The tests and operations done should be documented so that Milestone’s engineers can independently verify the overall performance and functionality of the partner’s product. The partner can document the tests and operations in the manner that the partner finds appropriate, e.g. free text, screen shots and video clips. Some products are more suited for an online, remote review as a part of the verification. This must be agreed on with the Milestone Verification Team. Once Milestone has received all documentation, Milestone engineers will review it to see if it is possible to proceed to the actual verification step. If not,  you will be contacted directly.

Contact our Technology Partner team for more information on the verification process and how to join the Milestone Technology Partner program.

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