milestone custom development

Milestone Custom Development helps
develop, install and support custom
integrated software solutions

The Milestone Custom Development offers assistance in developing, installing and supporting tailor-made
integrated solutions. We also deliver services and software that enable Milestone and our partners to offer
complete solutions that match customer needs for IP-based video surveillance systems.

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Milestone Custom Development

Our Custom Development has broad experience integrating third-party applications and business systems into XProtect software including:


Access control  Professional services - big dot 
Alarm systems  Professional services - big dot
Video analytics
 Professional services - big dot
Point-of-sale (POS) systems  Professional services - big dot
Communication protocols
 Professional services - big dot
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) databases
 Professional services - big dot



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Each integrated solution is managed by a dedicated project leader and developed by one or more senior developers to ensure functionality and quality. Solutions are also tested in-house by the Milestone Test Department. All Custom Development staff members
are senior engineers with a bachelor’s or master’s degree and many years’ experience in the industry, ensuring a high-quality solution.

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Not only can we provide you with expertise, the Custom Development also offers in-depth training of the MIP Software Development Kit (SDK), the comprehensive tool used to create applications for XProtect. The hands-on training is beneficial for experienced developers who want to create their own integration for XProtect software.

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If you have a project where Milestone Custom
Development may be required, please contact
your local Milestone representative.

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