Let the Milestone Global Bid Desk help you win projects and advance your business
What can the Milestone Global Bid Desk do for you?

The Milestone Global Bid Desk offers expertise and tools significant to the tender process.
We can help you optimize the process by estimating winning chances, assist with building your proposal and save time by automating the tender development process.

We offer:

Proposal management

Includes theme analysis, compliance
summary competitive analysis and
capture planning

Proposal documentation

Includes certified solutions, executive
summary, pricing models and
presentation materials

How we do it

Compliance Discovery Tool

  • Identifies compliance requirements and flags risk through documentation analysis
  • Uncovers potential closure opportunity percentage to help pursuit decision
  • Discovers the owner’s motivators for win theme delivery
  • Helps you save hours of discovery and manual copy/paste effort


Proposal Development Tool

  • Automates the organization and development of the proposal documentation
  • Enables teams to more easily access, assemble, deliver, measure and manage sales content
  • Coordinates teams and facilitates more effectively collaboration on responses
  • Help you save days of work while creating standardized, error free proposals

This is how easy it is
Send us your project documentation

Once you’ve defined the customer needs and requirements, you send your project documentation to us - the sooner the better

We complete your
compliance analysis

Our analysis will identify compliance requirements, win themes, our joint capture strategy and flag risk

We team up with you,
going for the win!

Using our expertise and unique tools in the tender process, we work with your team to deliver a winning tender response

Tools for architects and engineers

In addition to our Global Bid Desk team, Milestone offers a set of digital tools to help architects, engineers and consultants design and specify surveillance solutions. Here you can find design tools, localized A&E specifications, server calculator and much more.


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