Minimize overcrowding 

Upholding pandemic regulations requires the ability to identify limits and breaches, control access, and optimize flows.

Discover how video technology can effectively help you minimize overcrowding

The technologies below can help you prevent overcrowding and manage density levels in real-time while increasing your efficiency by automating processes.

People counting

Keep track of the headcount

People counting is a video solution that can help prevent any given location from getting too crowded.

With real-time video analytics, you can be notified automatically as soon as a set limit of people is reached. It also allows you to identify trends such as peak hours and down time, enabling you to optimally adjust staffing or safety measures to match the volume of people. People counting can be combined with AI IoT sensors to lower costs and avoid GDPR privacy issues while maintaining accurate counting across multiple sensors.

Key benefits:

  • Manage density levels in real-time
  • Adapt easily to guidelines or regulations
  • Optimize staff during peak hours
  • Get insights on customer patterns

Access control

Safeguard your premises

Access control is more than gates and locks. Beyond getting people through a door, it’s also about ensuring their health. Managing how many people enter a site is key to upholding distancing regulations and reducing the risk of virus spread. It requires agility and the ability to control access.

An access control system can help safeguard people and assets. With access control integrated with the video management software, you can remotely manage, monitor and control who or how many are allowed into any given location, all in real time. Using integrated facial recognition technology, the system enables control over who enters and exits, and can also limit crowd volume by managing a “one in, one out” policy.

Access control can be combined with a variety of other technologies, from automatic doors and no-touch access systems to skin temperature screening and contact tracing.

Key benefits:

  • Become aware of your premise’s situation
  • Ensure frictionless entry and exit points
  • Increase efficiency and automate your processes
  • Provide a safer and healthier environment

Door control

Control how many enter and exit 

By utilizing door control, you can prevent too many people from entering your premises by simply closing the door automatically when the maximum number of people is reached.

The technology is especially relevant if you have automatic doors because it offers you control from an integrated door control system. If the video management system detects that the maximum number of people has been exceeded, either via people counting or access control, the automatic doors will no longer open for additional entries. Automated door control goes hand in hand with access control.

Key benefits:

  • Automatically close doors once a limit is reached
  • Notify customers and clients at the entrance
  • Set a threshold and control it in real-time
  • Avoid employees confronting customers
  • Get insights on people volume on your premises

No-touch door control

Reduce physical touch points 

Pressing door handles and pulling or pushing doors not only disrupts flow, it also presents a high risk of surface contamination and potential virus spread. Automatic, no-touch door control, enabled by video management, can help create convenient access while minimizing potentially unhealthy contact points.

To create a healthy environment, it’s important to reduce physical contact with devices and surfaces, including doors, card readers, touch screens and more. Hands-free access is one way to do it. By integrating access control with smartphone applications or facial technology, you can automate motorized door entry systems while enhancing security.

Key benefits:

  • Achieve optimal hygiene conditions
  • Reduce cost and manual workload for monitoring
  • Efficiently manage entry and exit points
  • Optimize people flow and density

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