Guide crowds

Companies and organizations must ensure that customers and employees are being guided to avoid those situations, in the best way possible.

Discover how video technology can effectively help you guide crowds

The technologies below can help you guide people through your premises, minimize unnecessary face-to-face interactions and get insights to optimize designated paths.

One-way routes

Guide crowds 

A challenging situation for social distancing arises when people need to walk in the opposite direction of one another. One simple fix is to establish one-way routes in stores, on platforms and in offices – and ensure that the directions are respected.

To avoid close contact and the risk of congestion, you can control one-way passageways by using one-way detection based on video analytics. That way, your system detects when people are moving against the prescribed walking direction and can, for example, trigger an acoustic signal via the loudspeaker system reminding customers of the correct walking route with the help of digital signage.

Key benefits:

  • Guide people through your location
  • Monitor pre-defined routes
  • Avoid unnecessary face-to-face interactions
  • Get insights to optimize designated paths

Automated cues

Remind people of safety regulations 

During a pandemic, any breach of guidelines requires immediate action. However, it can be challenging for employees to know when to react, as some situations may require additional resources. Automated cues are a less intrusive, yet effective way of reminding people of guidelines.

A video management system can enable other systems to automatically react with cues every time there is a breach of guidelines. The real-time cues enforce quick action from personnel or, even better, with an automatic video or audio response.

Key benefits:

  • Get real-time notifications of inappropriate behavior
  • Enable quick action
  • Avoid having employees handling uncomfortable interactions


Digital signage

Notify people

Keeping both employees and customers well informed is a cornerstone of managing the measures surrounding Covid-19.

Having video management as a core solution provides the benefit of issuing visual messaging through digital signage systems. You can integrate all your data sources and use digital signage to inform people in real time. With a powerful rule engine, you can control what will be presented on displays, just as you can employ both audio messaging and listening.

Key benefits:

  • React in real-time
  • Inform customers or employees of breaches
  • Prevent exposing employees or customers to unnecessary risk



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