Ensure social distancing

For people to uphold the rules of social distancing, they need for their environment to allow it. Video analytics can help ensure just that.

Discover how video technology can effectively help you ensure social distancing

The technologies below can help you create a safer everyday environment for you and your business by preventing social distancing breaches and securing quick reactions once guidelines are compromised.

Distance detection

Enable social distancing

With distance detection as part of your video solution, you can detect where density arises and react accordingly using precautionary measures.

You will be notified immediately if social distancing measures are compromised. That way, you can quickly resolve the situation by dispatching personnel to the location or remind people of the safe distance with automated cues or display notifications.

When social distancing is no longer required, you can use distance detection to gather insights about crowd density and people flow on your premises, enabling improved in-store experiences for customers and better environments for employees.

Benefits during and beyond Covid:

  • Understand where social distancing situations can arise
  • Prevent breaches through better guidance
  • Secure quick reaction once guidelines are compromised
  • Improve planning and forecasting of operations

Thermal maps

Identify busy areas 

For people to uphold the rules of social distancing, their environment must allow it. It’s therefore important to understand the flow of customers and density levels on your premises by recording the length of time people browse, where they linger and how they choose to exit and enter, etc.

Using the power of video, you can identify which areas of the premises typically have the highest occupancy rates. This can be done by using heatmaps to create occupancy statistics based on the captured images. That way, it’s easy to optimize operations by deploying preventive measures and increasing personnel in busy areas.

Key benefits:

  • Define where and how to place guide displays
  • Improve in-store structure for better customer experiences and customer flow
  • Allocate personnel for efficiency in peak periods

Queue management

Limit long lines

Standing in line has always been a bother. But in the face of a pandemic, it’s also a potential health risk. Long queues at checkouts, store entrances, the canteen or the train station can create a risk of transmission if left unchecked.

To prevent and manage long lines, a video management system can record the number of waiting customers and inform your staff in real time. This enables store staff to react to customer demand as quickly as possible. Also, you can promptly identify customer flows and call in the team needed during the busiest spots, so you don’t keep people waiting.

Key benefits:

  • React quickly to enforce proper distancing
  • Gather insights on customer flows
  • Increase customer satisfaction by limiting long lines
  • Manage and point staff to where they are most needed

LiDAR Sensor

Empower your video solution 

The key to ensuring proper social distancing is understanding and anticipating how people move around. This is where LiDAR sensor technology can greatly empower a video management system.

LiDAR sensors are an advanced 3D-sensing technology used to determine the movement, range and angle of moving objects via laser beams. With a LiDAR sensor, you can accurately measure the location of and distance between people, as well as the number of people in a given location.

Paired with thermal cameras, LiDAR sensors can even help identify individuals with elevated body temperatures. The technology complies with GDPR because it doesn’t capture personally identifiable information.

Key benefits:

  • Obtain accurate and reliable data
  • Deploy surveillance in challenging environments
  • Get access to easy-to-interpret data
  • Integrate with numerous applications and data sources

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