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Creating an intelligent world

Milestone’s Community Kickstarter Contest 2018

And the winner is…
Soko Aoki, Kadinche Japan

Kadinche develops software and web services handling 360 video, and Soko’s Kickstarter idea involved body worn sensors and is based on integrating XProtect with 360 enabled cameras and a head mounted display (HMD) in order to see omni-directions by just moving your head using RTSP and MIP drivers. Soko’s idea uses cutting edge technology to bring high quality 360 degree video streams directly into XProtect, allowing security officers and professionals to utilize innovative equipment such as HMD and augments their capabilities when it comes to video and security. It was a tough competition but Soko’s idea came in first in several categories such as innovation, commercial use and level of integration with Milestone’s MIP SDK.

“Soko’s idea is a clear demonstration of why we have this contest. It brings in innovative ideas that use the latest technology in video and wearable cameras and expand XProtect beyond the uses we currently know. The use of Head Mounted Display and 360 degree and body warn cameras supports the development direction of XProtect to automate more and more processes and eventually augment the human capabilities and skills to provide the most advance security experience and the highest video quality possible” Bjørn Skou Eilertsen, CTO, Milestone Systems.

Soko Aoki, Japan

Soko is 39 years old, holds a Ph.D from Keio University in Japan. He is married and a father of two and dedicates his free time to organize and support NPOs in Nepal. Congratulations Soko and welcome to the Milestone family!

See you all next year...