Is it Time to Migrate to Milestone?

Dependable video technology is not always easy to find. If you’ve shopped around for Video Management Software, you may be frustrated. We understand your concerns, and we want to help. Ask yourself if it’s time to migrate to Milestone? 

Ready to Migrate to Milestone?

The Right Partner

What is it you want in a manufacturing partnership? Milestone Systems develops industry leading products that are genuinely accessible using open platform video technology. We strive to help you obtain your goals in business and see you succeed.

Migrate to Milestone




Milestone stands by you and your business day in and day out.

  • Milestone will keep your company’s success in mind. 
  • We provide video technology that is built on a firm foundation, providing the security capabilities you require. 
  • We partner with leading vendors to build dependable network hardware. 
  • We believe an open platform provides options you may not find in an end-to-end solution. 





Milestone has technology that scales alongside your needs. 

  • Milestone is an agile manufacturer, continually developing products and adding new features over time.
  • We deliver cutting-edge technology tailored to meet your requirements. 




Milestone strives to deliver tried-and-true video technology, yet flexible enough to adjust to changing needs when required. 

  • Milestone works with 3rd party security manufacturers to combine technologies when it makes good sense. 
  • We develop features that are important to you - not only for your current needs, but for the future as well. 
  • We will maintain an open dialogue with you, adopting new ideas and features.  



Customer Support that Lives Up to Customer Expectations

When technical support is a concern, you can count on our team to be in your corner. The technical support team takes pride in achieving an excellent response time when answering calls. The professionals at Milestone achieve a 94% rating in customers reporting their satisfaction level as "Very Satisfied."

Milestone Facts

An impressive number of deployments, including XProtect and Husky
An international brand with a global presence
Years in Business
An industry-leading pioneer in video technology
IP Devices Supported
An open platform pairing technology from hundreds of community partners


Ready to Learn More? 

Our team of security experts can give you a demonstration of XProtect and talk with you about your upcoming projects. We want to prove that we will deliver with your expectations in mind. 

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