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 Milestone Services

Milestone offers a portfolio of services designed to maximize the 
value of Milestone products for partners and end-users during 
the entire lifecycle of the Milestone security installation. 
The service portfolio includes a wide range of 
customization and post-sales services: 


Milestone CARE

Milestone CARE Basic

Empowers businesses 
to quickly and easily find 
answers to the most 
common questions.

Milestone CARE

Milestone CARE Plus

Ideal for growing and
dynamic businesses, such
as high street retail and
educational institutes.

Milestone CARE

Milestone CARE Premium

Suitable for corporations,
such as airports and
other organizations with
business-critical installations.

Milestone CARE

Milestone CARE Elite

Suitable for organisations
operating mission-critical
video surveillance installations,
such as central monitoring
stations and security
service companies.


Why Milestone CARE


Ensures your performance

Video surveillance is not just
about protecting your assets and
people ­– it’s a business critical part
of your organization. Milestone 
Care gives your system an added
layer of protection, ensuring it
functions as it should.

Secures your investment

You invest a lot of time and
resources into your surveillance
system. Milestone Care keeps your
system updated, so you’re always getting
the most out of your investment.

Minimizes your risk

Critical incidents can happen
at any time. Milestone Care
makes sure your system can
meet your business’
security demands. 


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Milestone CARE


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Milestone CARE