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Optimized to enhance your video surveillance capabilities, Husky IVO is the convenient, reliable, scalable way to get the most out of your video management system.

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The new Husky IVO

The new and improved Husky IVO is the ideal hardware solution to enhance your evolving video management software (VMS) needs. Plus, it’s designed to work seamlessly with XProtect®, ensuring you can better safeguard the everyday moments that connect your colleagues, workforce and customers.

Reliably-Backed Technology

Powered by Intel and backed by Dell, Husky IVO comes with a 5-year warranty on every model and supports the industry's leading technology— so you can rest assured you’ll never encounter a problem we can’t fix.

Improved Convenience

With many possible configurations for your clients’ VMS systems, Husky IVO makes it easy to design a deployment tailored to optimize your system. Plus, Husky IVO works seamlessly with XProtect.

Limitless Scalability

Designed to work seamlessly with our open platform VMS, Husky IVO allows for unmatched scalability and operational flexibility, empowering your customers to quickly set up and adapt their deployment to meet their evolving needs.

Centralized Support

From Milestone System’s global network of support representatives and Dell’s onsite support technicians, our teams are always on call to ensure your hardware solution is working as needed.

Optimized Return on Investment

Competitively priced, Milestone delivers the highest quality products and support available. Because our solutions can scale with ease, you’ll save money as you adapt each deployment to meet your customer’s changing needs.

Explore the Husky IVO portfolio

Explore the Husky IVO portfolio  

See how this latest Husky generation expands your options and business.

Discover the Portfolio


Upgrade Your Customers

If your customers have an earlier model of Milestone Husky and an older version of our software, we can help them easily upgrade their system to better meet their needs for security.

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