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Corporate social responsibility

Ethical use of Milestone Systems software

Milestone Systems is an international company that sells video surveillance solutions in many countries around the world. Our platform is used to ensure greater safety and security for people, products and assets; to help manage environmental issues; and to optimize business processes. One of its main uses is as a tool to help police and other security personnel resolve crimes. Our software is distributed and sold through an authorized partner channel and through the Internet, which is a traditional and standard business model for software companies.

This business model means that we primarily have contact with distributors and resellers and do not directly handle sales to end users. We have therefore chosen to include a number of clauses in our contract agreements with partners to help ensure proper use of Milestone Systems video management software. Milestone Systems requires that the partners do not sell our solutions for abusive purposes, for example, for use in ways that would abuse human rights or in any way break existing international laws. 


International laws

Our rules, among other things, are intended to provide greater transparency regarding our end customers. This is evident in the fact that from the start of 2009, Milestone has required detailed customer information for every software license sold, and all licenses include clauses on proper ethical and legal use of our software. Any misuse of our software in regard to the United Nations' declaration on human rights will result in the immediate deactivation of the license.  

Milestone Systems upholds in every way the export laws for the countries to which we export. We are also in ongoing dialog with the Danish and international authorities regarding existing and future export restrictions. The security industry has associations in most countries that publish applicable laws regarding surveillance, which we expect our partners to follow as well.