Our business model

Milestone Systems’ sustained growth during its first 15 years has been based on our unique openness in terms of our business model, our open company culture and our open platform approach to the security industry. 

By allowing other companies and developers to add functionality into Milestone XProtect software and providing support for the widest choice of servers and cameras, our open platform has had a radical effect on the security industry. The Milestone open platform has become the foundation for a thriving business ecosystem.

Milestone Systems Business Model

Milestone is proud to work with a dynamic ecosystem
of partners including sales and alliance partners.

Milestone products are sold through a two-tiered channel model. Our sales partners include distributors who sell Milestone products to resellers, system integrators and dealers. They also provide marketing, training and sales support to help our partners give the best service to their customers. Our resellers and system integrators source additional components such as cameras and IT hardware to offer complete solutions to end customers, including design, deployment and maintenance services.

Our alliance partners include Camera Partners, camera and IP-device vendors who ensure thousands of products are supported by Milestone XProtect. Because of the program customers gain the freedom to choose and mix hardware from different manufacturers in order to get the best coverage and functionality in each surveillance installation.

The Milestone Solution Partner program takes an active role in shaping and driving the industry by supporting and promoting companies that create solutions such as video analytics and access control to meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide.

The ecosystem is the unique Milestone vision for the security industry. By building a community, everyone within the ecosystem benefits from the innovation and value creation. The ecosystem enables Milestone and its partners to offer additional value that is more than security. It is our competitive edge.

XProtect is a registered trademark and Milestone Arcus, Milestone Husky and Milestone Interconnect are trademarks of Milestone Systems.