Milestone application process

Step 1:
How to apply

When you send an application for a job at Milestone Systems, we expect it to contain a cover letter that describes the reasons you are applying for this position and summarizes your educational background and relevant experience. Make sure to include examples of your experience and the personal and professional skills that qualify you for the position. We will also need your résumé or CV that details your employment and educational history. Please attach any supporting information relevant to your application, such as diplomas or references from former employers. If you are applying for a technical position, it might be relevant to highlight your skills in programming and the hardware/software with which you are familiar. We would also like to know the different languages you speak. Applications are submitted using the link at the bottom of each job description. Please note that all communication related to your application will be handled electronically.

Step 2:
Handling your application

After sending your application, you will receive a mail immediately confirming receipt of your materials. When submitting your application you can expect up to four weeks before hearing from us. Your application will be stored by our human resources department and treated confidentially.

Step 3:

After carefully reviewing the applications, a number of candidates will be selected for interviews. The first interview will typically be conducted by the appropriate line manager and our human resources department. The purpose of the first interview is to provide you with a more in-depth description of the job at Milestone Systems. We also use the first interview to assess if you are a good candidate for the job - both professionally and personally.

We usually conduct two interviews before deciding on a candidate. The purpose of the second interview is to elaborate on your personal and professional qualifications in relation to the job as well as identifying mutual expectations.

As a supplement to the interviews we may ask for references from former employers. Candidates not selected for the position will be notified as soon as possible.

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