XProtect® Rapid REVIEW

Find what you’re looking for, fast.

Stop wasting time searching through hours and hours of recordings. With XProtect Rapid REVIEW you can speed up your investigations by quickly finding what you’re looking for.

XProtect® Rapid REVIEW

Find what you’re looking for, fast.

Stop wasting time searching through hours and hours of recordings. With XProtect Rapid REVIEW you can speed up your investigations by quickly finding what you’re looking for.

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Your area
Security operators and investigators
As a security operator you’re the eyes and ears of your organization. When an incident occurs, you’re expected to provide answers and evidence – immediately. Although video is often the best witness, locating the incident on video can be time-consuming, especially when an installation has multiple cameras recording 24/7.
Your challenge
Time consuming analyses of video content
Rewind, play. Rewind, play. Rewind, play. And you’ve still not found what you’re looking for. You are not alone. Thousands of terabytes of video footage are recorded daily. Manually going through hours of footage to pinpoint a person or object of interest can take an impossibly long time. Don’t you wish there was a way to make video investigations quick, smart and easy?
Your solution
XProtect Rapid REVIEW powered by BriefCam
XProtect Rapid REVIEW is an advanced forensic analytics solution that enables rapid video review, search and analysis. No more countless hours behind a screen watching endless footage! Seamlessly integrated into XProtect, it lets you review hours of video in minutes, and pinpoint people and objects of interest to immediately turn that information into evidence and action.

XProtect Rapid REVIEW

With XProtect Rapid REVIEW you get an intelligent video analytics solution that enables you to quickly review and analyze forensic video content to find what you are looking for, fast.




Smart Case Management

Now you can intuitively select video sources through the seamless XProtect Rapid REVIEW integration, instantly create search cases, and organize all investigative video in a single container to efficiently review video from within the XProtect user interface.

Investigations that once took a long time can now be done quickly. For instance, it took weeks to review 5,000 hours of video from the Vancouver riots. Now all that can now be done in a matter of hours.

Accelerate investigations

Video footage often captures incidents that need to be examined. It could be missing persons, vandalism, thefts, assaults, accidents, workplace injuries or harassment claims. 

XProtect Rapid REVIEW enables fast and intelligent multi-camera searches based on an expanding suite of analytic search filters across multiple cameras. Users can quickly find the evidence and information they need.

The patented VIDEO SYNOPSIS® capability simultaneously displays objects that have appeared at different times within the video, making investigations faster than ever

Unlock the value of video

Take your installation beyond security with the ability to analyze object activity, common paths, and dwell times. The results are easily readable visualizations. With the visual layers included, XProtect Rapid REVIEW gives you the power to forensically pinpoint the areas with most occupancies for greater scene understanding and insights.

For example, retail store management can identify customer occupancies through the store and understand how customers navigate their stores to ensure better product placement, staffing and a superior customer experience.

See and understand your environment like never before


Suspect car - evidence is everything 

Whether it’s a stolen car or a getaway vehicle, with XProtect Rapid REVIEW you can quickly identify it, alert law enforcement and hand off evidence to apprehend criminals and prevent further crime.


In missing children cases, time is vital

According to police experts, the first 24 hours are critical for locating missing children. With each passing hour, the likelihood of finding a missing child decreases. XProtect Rapid REVIEW can very quickly provide a trail of digital ‘bread crumbs’, enabling law enforcement to detect the exact time and place where the child was last seen. Vital time is saved, missing children are reunited with their families.


Covid-19 exposures - secure your environment

XProtect Rapid REVIEW can be leveraged to pinpoint and trace individuals who have self-identified as having been diagnosed with Covid-19. Through Face Recognition, Appearance Similarity and Proximity Identification filters, contact tracing can be conducted to notify at-risk individuals and safety protocols can be initiated.

Tap into new technology

XProtect Rapid REVIEW includes video analytics that leverage existing video surveillance networks to derive searchable intelligence from recorded video content. Driven by artificial intelligence and deep learning, XProtect Rapid REVIEW detects and extracts objects in video. It then identifies each object based on trained Deep Neural Networks and classifies each object to enable intelligent video analysis including search and filtering. This allows for the following analytic capabilities and use cases:

Case Management
Organize all video assets of an investigation in a single container, bookmark objects of interest, and summarize case findings (including all relevant exhibits) in an exportable report, while dynamically collaborating on cases with other users.
Simultaneously present objects that have appeared at different times within the video. The result is a dramatically shorter video segment that fully preserves the viewer’s ability to analyze the scene, enabling the review of hours of video in minutes and sometimes seconds
Multi-Camera Search
Advanced multi-camera search powerfully identifies men, women, children and vehicles of interest with speed and precision, using face recognition, appearance similarity, apparel, color, size, speed, path, direction, dwell time and illumination change filters.
Face Recognition
Accurate face recognition rapidly pinpoints people of interest using digital images extracted from the video or from external sources.
License Plate Recognition
Differentiated license plate recognition, designed especially for “in the wild” surveillance scenarios and ease of operation in finding license plates through watchlists, existing video or data uploads.
Appearance Similarity
Instantly locate people, vehicles, and other items of interest by searching for objects with similar attributes.
Face Mask Detection
Apply Face Mask attribute filter to search and identify face mask usage across video.
Proximity Identification
Search and identify the distance between individuals over time and location for compliance with physical distancing and for contact tracing.
Line Crossing
Detect, filter and count objects that cross a demarcation in a pre-defined direction to drive perimeter protection and directional object count.
Visual Layers
Create visual analytics and heatmaps for activity, dwell time, common paths and background changes.
Filter Tolerance
Adjust tolerance levels to refine search results for class, attributes, color, dwell time, direction, area, path, face recognition and appearance similarity.
Density & Speed Control
Increase or decrease the number and speed of events shown at once.
Sort Control
View events by relevance or by order of occurrence and easily zoom in on items of interest.

See it in action


Original video: 30 min.

Changing the way video is reviewed

BriefCam invented and owns the worldwide patents for the VIDEO SYNOPSIS solution. It’s an innovative technology that presents objects that have appeared at different times within the video simultaneously. This information is then presented as a time-compressed video with the ability to link back to the actual video. The result? Hours of video recordings reviewed in minutes.


What value does VIDEO SYNOPSIS add? 

Despite advancements in technology, the explosive growth in the deployment of cameras worldwide means that viewing and analyzing recorded video footage is still a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. VIDEO SYNOPSIS presents a dramatically shorter video segment that fully preserves the viewer’s ability to examine the scene, enabling the review of hours of video footage in minutes, and sometimes, in just seconds.

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