Extract transactional data and pair with video from the time of the transaction

What is XProtect Transact?

XProtect Transact matches individual transaction events with corresponding video. It is designed to perfectly fit XProtect VMS products and Milestone Husky™ NVR units. XProtect Transact extracts transactional data from point-of-sale (POS), barcode scanning systems, and other data systems, and pairs that data with video from the time of the transaction.

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How can I use XProtect Transact?

XProtect Transact

  • Monitor point-of-sale terminals and cash registers in real-time

XProtect transact

  • Search for a specific transaction and the corresponding video of the transaction


  • Set up notifications each time a specific item is scanned


  • Generate reports on transactions, including transaction data and video thumbnails, for documentation purposes

Why choose Milestone?

Fully configurable and future-proof

XProtect's open platform architecture allows it to be tailored, scaled and updated as your needs develop.

Reliable performance and safety

As well as minimizing downtime and improving ROI, our platform offers peace of mind with GDPR and FIPS 140-2 compliance.

Collaborative and service-minded

Build the best-performing video solutions using the products, services and expertise of Milestone and our global partner network.

Responsible and people driven

Employ video technology ethically and compliantly while exploring new ways to improve people's safety, happiness and health. 


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