Find Supported Devices for Milestone XProtect® VMS

This Supported Device List provides an overview of the licenses required to connect IP devices to XProtect.

With Milestone, you have the freedom to integrate 14,000+ devices with our XProtect video management software platform. This includes Cameras, encoders, video recorders and other devices that are addressed through a unique IP address.

Milestone Supported Device

This Milestone Supported Device List governs and provides information on the number of required device licenses for IP devices connected to and enabled in XProtect. Please refer to this list to see how many device licenses you shall purchase for your use of XProtect with IP devices. For further explanation of our licensing requirements, we refer to the Milestone EULA.


Milestone always recommends using the driver specified for a given supported IP device on the Milestone Supported Device List. If you choose to use a universal driver, or an unsupported IP device, you will be required to purchase one device license per enabled video channel. Specific IP device variants may not appear on the Supported Device List but will, however, be treated by Milestone as an IP device included in this list provided their equivalent base model is supported. You can use the XProtect Upgrade Device License Calculator to check licensing requirements for such specific IP device variants connected to XProtect.

The Milestone Supported Device List includes the licensing information applicable to XProtect 2021 R1 and further versions. For licensing information applicable to older versions of XProtect click here.

CARE line with diamond

Milestone does not warrant nor accept liability for the Technology Partner’s devices and their functionality. Milestone only examines the compatibility or the manufactures’ documentation for compatibility with the Milestone XProtect VMS version applied in tests as well as the listed firmware of the device. The use of Milestone drivers downloaded with the Milestone XProtect® Device Pack is governed by the Milestone EULA. Milestone does not warrant nor accept liability for non-Milestone drivers, and your use of non-Milestone drivers is subject to the terms of the licenses defined and provided by the Technology Partners and/or other licensors of the software. Please note the Legacy Device Pack is no longer supported; use at your own risk. Milestone recommends that you use the current Device Packs, available here.


New supported devices release process

From January 2024, new devices and firmware will be added continuously to the supported devices list. This will reduce the timeline for adding new devices/firmware from around two months to two days.

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