Video is the “new next of the 21st century”

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Jean Lim
Communications Manager, APAC
March 08, 2021
This article provides an overview of MIPS 2021, a symposium organised by Milestone Systems that brings together its partners to discuss the latest developments and trends in video management technology.
Kenneth Hune Peterson, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Milestone Systems, explained that businesses of the future should leverage the power of data captured from not just video surveillance cameras but other connected devices. For Milestone, this means working with partners to help end users understand the tremendous potential of video technology.  

Bjorn Skou Eilertsen, Chief Tech Officer at Milestone, shed light on four megatrends in the video tech for businesses—formative AI, distributed cloud, composite architecture and digital ethics.  

Most importantly, Thomas Jensen, CEO of Milestone, emphasized that companies should sell business outcomes to their customers, and this is what Milestone aims to do with its partners.

This article has been published on A&S – 5 March 2021.
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