The Future of Video Analytics

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Jean Lim
Communications Manager, APAC
June 11, 2021
Security Solution's editor John Bigelow recently caught up with Thomas Jensen to ask about his views on the future of video analytics, new and emerging trends and how Milestone is helping integrators develop new and innovative solutions to non-traditional challenges beyond security.
The interview provided an overview of Thomas Jensen’s views on the future of video analytics and some of the new and emerging trends in the industry. Thomas shared the success of our recent MIPS virtual event and that he sees Milestone strengthening its footprint in video technology. He shared that in order to be an open platform company, Milestone has to ensure strong integration partnerships and a strong developer community. Thomas also emphasized the importance of technology partners in building joint solutions for their customers. The interview also touched on Thomas’s business plans which include the shipping of our Husky solution, as well as revisiting and strengthening partner programs. Thomas concluded the interview with firm assurance that Milestone is committed to continuous innovation and more than just being an industry leader, but a leader that promotes best practices.
The Future of Video Analytics was first published in Security Solutions on May 27, 2021. See here.