Serving Pompeii Cultural Heritage Protection
July 03, 2020
Video surveillance, access control, anti-intrusion technology, seismic monitoring, and drones - these are the main integrated technologies that are controlled and managed by Milestone Systems' XProtect® intelligent platform. The platform monitors, continuously and in real time, all the sensors distributed in the Pompeii Archaeological Park in Italy and generates alarms for danger, vandalism and environmental changes.
The project, called Smart@POMPEI, comes from an operating agreement between the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism (MiBAC) and the National Research Council (CNR). It was started in 2016 with the aim of creating an integrated technological solution for the intelligent, sustainable and inclusive management of the archaeological park.

Based on a strong collaboration between government institutions, research centers, universities and businesses, Smart@POMPEI's goal is to become a pilot project for the Italian and global technological innovation sector for cultural heritage. The aim is to create a model that integrates technology, protection and enhancement of artistic and historical sites.
The project Smart@POMPEI was born thanks to the community investments of the so-called ‘Great Pompeii Project’, an extremely demanding operation requested by the Italian Government. It was addressed to strengthen the security and the safety of the archaeological site
Alberto Bruni, officer for the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities
Cameras in this constantly-evolving video surveillance system are integrated with and managed by Milestone's XProtect® software. They are a component of a much more complex IT and TLC project that is based on a solid network infrastructure that includes optic fibre and wireless technology. Moreover, with the implementation of IoT, the system was designed to be modular and flexible. This makes it possible to add on other devices that could help with the management of the archaeological site.

The technological components were carefully selected to protect the historical assets and to help visitors, especially those with special needs.
The Milestone platform has played an extremely strategic role in this project, because it has allowed us to create a complete system that integrates a whole series of technological components, infrastructures and data. Thanks to this integration, we are now able to manage the archaeological park not only in terms of safety, but also in terms of valorization and fruition by the visitors
Alberto Bruni
At a time when knowledge and interpretation of information represents competitive value, Smart@POMPEI's next ambition is to create an integrated technological model aimed at safely managing people and monuments in daily and emergency situations, and to develop research and training programs in the cultural heritage and tourism sector.

"The Milestone XProtect platform has an important and strategic value for this project. It represents the true integrator between totally different systems and guarantees the archaeological park the opportunity to think about continuous project developments without any limits on the integration of new technology," says Bruni.