Find hardware for XProtect® and Milestone Husky

As the open platform company we are dedicated to ensuring our XProtect® software works with the
widest choice of devices. XProtect software supports IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders
(DVRs) from over 150 manufacturers and we are continually adding new products. To see if we
support the devices you are using now - or are thinking of buying in the future - click below.

CARE line with diamond

Milestone does not warrant the Technology Partner’s Products nor functionalities. For the functionality of devices, Milestone and/or the partner only check the compatibility with the Milestone XProtect VMS version applied in tests as well as the listed firmware of the device. As the drivers might be based on 3rd party development, standards, testing and technologies, Milestone disclaims any liability with respect to the devices/drivers listed on “Supported Device List”.