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What is the Milestone
Technology Partner Program?

The Milestone Technology Partner Program is a program for vendors offering applications, hardware and services that are complementary to the Milestone XProtect video management platform. With the ambition to drive co-innovation, the Technology Partner Program allows partners to explore technology synergies with the open XProtect video management platform. Partners can leverage the Milestone brand and Milestone’s global market channel and benefit from a wide range of marketing resources and activities.

Why should you become a
Milestone Technology Partner?

Technology synergy
and co-innovation

Drive innovation and explore the synergy between your application, device, hardware, or service and the Milestone XProtect video management platform.

Short time to

Bring your technology offering to the market faster with an extensive toolset and support for building and verifying your joint technology offerings.

market reach

Benefit from an extensive menu of marketing options and utilize Milestone’s extensive global channel network of trained and qualified channel partners

Find your track

The Technology Partner Program has five tracks, each designed for a group of technologies. Technology Partners can choose to be part of more than one track, depending on their offerings.






Our Application Track is for partners who develop software-based applications and systems that integrate with the Milestone XProtect VMS platform via the MIP SDK. Software applications and systems include: 

  • Industry or vertical specific applications
  • Video analytical applications
  • Video enablement of complete systems (access control, building management systems, PSIM systems, etc.)

Our Device Track is optimized for vendors with cameras and other IoT devices that provide media and metadata information. Partners in the Device Track work with the Milestone video management platform through the device driver layer and the open ONVIF standard. The track spans across a wide set of device types, including:

  • Cameras
  • Body-worn and mobile cameras
  • Encoders
  • Audio devices
  • Detectors and sensors
  • Other types of IoT devices

Easily integrate your devices into Milestone XProtect

There’s multiple ways of integrating data from a camera, sensor or other kinds of devices into XProtect.
  • If you have an ONVIF compliant device, you can connect it using our ONVIF Driver Framework. Find out more.
  • If you are not sure, or would like to explore other ways of connecting a device, feel free to use our MIP SDK Driver Framework. Find out more.

The Hardware Track is for partners who provide IT infrastructure technology needed to build video surveillance installations. This includes:

  • Servers and workstations
  • Storage
  • Displays and video walls
  • Network infrastructure

The System Builder Track is a dedicated track for hardware vendors who offer hardware and appliances pre-installed with the Milestone XProtect video management platform. The System Builder track spans a wide range of appliances:

  • Network video recorder
  • Servers and workstations
  • Ruggedized hardware
  • Appliances including solution bundles

The Service Track is for companies that provide various types of engineering services linked to the Milestone XProtect video management platform technology. These partners are skilled in the XProtect VMS technology and the use of the MIP SDK and offer their services to both Milestone channel partners and other technology partners. Examples of services provided by these partners include:

  • Development of customer (or vertical) specific applications and add-ons
  • Customization of XProtect to meet specific customer needs
  • Integration of existing systems and applications with the XProtect VMS

How the program works

The Technology Partner Program helps partners bring technology offerings to the market in three steps:



Start building your competence on the XProtect VMS technology and develop the joint technology offering.


Verify your technology’s compatibility and performance with XProtect, to ensure that it is ready for the market.


Market your technology offering with several available marketing tools and opportunities, and leverage Milestone’s global market channel.

Learn more about the benefits and requirements of our Technology Partner Program.

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Technology Partner Program?


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We upgraded our previous Milestone Solution, Camera, and System Builder Programs to the new Technology Partner Program. Contact the Technology Partner Program Team to find out how to switch over to the new program.


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