Empowering Schools to Become Safer Spaces with Tailored Video Management Solutions
Milestone provides easy-to-use, customizable video management software that safeguards learning environments and empowers educators and students to thrive.

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You are in the business of enriching minds. Security worries can not only be disruptive to the learning process — they affect the very lives of students and staff. Milestone's Video Management Software empowers educational administrators, security professionals and IT leadership with the confidence to custom build a video management solution tailored to the specific needs of your district, solving known pain points with innovative integrations from industry-leading security technologies.
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K-12 Schools
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Higher Education
K-12 Schools
With Milestone, you can:
  • Streamline recording solutions at different locations to optimize investigations
  • Proactively prevent safety incidents, such as bullying, vaping, critical threats, etc.
  • Control building access and visually verify events at all points of entry
  • Add surveillance to transit/buses to monitor bus routes
  • Detect license plates that enter school property
Higher Education
With Milestone, you can:
  • Streamline recording solutions at different locations to optimize investigations and communicate with local law enforcement
  • Manage and protect assets in libraries, labs, and other buildings on campus
  • Control building access and visually verify events at all points of entry
  • Detect license plates on streets and in parking lots that enter campus property
  • Integrate with Blackboard and CBORD to enhance student experience
"Milestone's open platform makes it easy for us to add new devices and scale the VMS as the district needs. On-site or remotely, the system is easy to use, and we've had nothing but positive feedback from the police department."
— Michael Blumenson, President, DSS
Assessing safety readiness for the 2021-2022 school year
The 2021-2022 school year will no doubt come along with a unique set of challenges. In this self-guided assessment, you'll discover how to leverage VMS technology to reduce health and safety incidents, strengthen your school's security, and promote a healthy and productive school environment for your students, faculty and staff.

How Milestone Fits Into Your
School’s Security Systems

Your school’s solution will be fully customizable, ready to scale as new plans and needs arise.
Easy to Use
With plain-language resources and a global network of technology partners, Milestone has your back.
Milestone software integrates easily into over 8,000 systems so your school can upgrade without overrunning your budget.


By combining the ability to integrate into existing infrastructure with our open platform community, Milestone’s VMS solutions provide limitless innovation potential, transforming any moment in the school day into actionable insights that make students and educators safer. Milestone VMS enables your staff with proactive threat detection insights needed to take immediate action, while allowing for maximum adaptability and scalability for meeting the evolving needs of your district.

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