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Milestone Services
Explore our service portfolio and learn about how can you maximize the value
of Milestone products for partners and end-users, during the entire lifecycle of the
Milestone security installation.


Milestone Care™

A complete suite of operational maintenance
and support services for organizations using
Milestone surveillance products. It is
designed as a supplement to the support
offered through Milestone’s highly qualified
network of resellers and system integrators

Learning and Performance

A series of interactive, self-paced
eLearning modules and classroom
trainings designed to educate Milestone
partners and end-users in the use
of our product offerings

Professional Services

A portfolio of system deployment and
optimization services designed to unlock
the full potential of Milestone
installations and optimize system
performance for a problem-free
and stable operation

Custom Development

Draw upon Milestone’s experienced 
consultants to develop, install and 
support tailor-made integrated solutions 
using the Milestone Integration Platform