ConvergenceTP, Inc. (C2P) was started in 2010 with the sole vision of developing a common integration framework that would allow any IP device to be seamlessly integrated into any VMS system. The Milestone XProtect family of VMS products were the first VMS solutions to be fully integrated.

ConvergenceTP (C2P) is a market leader for bringing metadata from any TC/IP enabled device seamlessly into the Milestone XProtect Video Management System (VMS). C2P has developed an Open Platform Integration Framework which allows the C2P solution to normalize all TCP/IP metatdata received at the edge of the network into one common integration framework. This highly innovative concept has absolutely changed how security professionals look at device integrations within their security environment. By normalizing all metadata at the edge of the network the XProtect Client then becomes the head-end for monitoring all TCP/IP connected sensors and devices, while also ensuring all metadata is stored time synchronized with the VMS video. The common integration framework provides the user with a common set of both real-time and forensic analysis tools that are common to all TCP/IP device integrations.
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  • C2P License Plate Recognition Solutions

    GIS & GPS, Video Analytics, Access Control, Parking management, PSIM, Speed measurement
  • C2P - Weigh station integrations large and small

    GIS & GPS, Sensors & RFID, City Surveillance, Construction, Manufacturing, Seaports
  • C2P - Gun Shot detection integrations to XProtect

    GIS & GPS, Sensors & RFID, Video Analytics, Fire and Life Safety, Gunshot Detection, City Surveillance
  • C2P - Banking ATM machines and Teller Workstations

    Video Analytics, Fire and Life Safety, Motion Detection, Perimeter & Intrusion, PSIM, System Integration
  • C2P -Access Control Integrations

    Sensors & RFID, Access Control, Motion Detection, Perimeter & Intrusion, Smoke Detection, Tailgating
  • C2P - Facial Recognition using CyberExtruder

    Artificial Intelligence, Video Analytics, Access Control, Facial Recognition, Tailgating, City Surveillance
  • C2P - Point of Sale Solutions

    Sensors & RFID, Video Analytics, Design & Consulting, System Integration, Airports, Retail
  • C2P - Prison solutions

    Sensors & RFID, Access Control, Building Management, Perimeter & Intrusion, System Integration, Airports
  • C2P - Barcode Scanner Integrations with XProtect

    GIS & GPS, Sensors & RFID, Scanning, Imaging, Metal Detection, Healthcare, Retail, Seaports