See how video solutions can be an effective tool for ensuring social distancing, minimizing overcrowding, preventing and detecting spread, and guiding crowds – during Covid-19 and beyond.
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14 ways video technology can strengthen your pandemic response

The world was not prepared for what hit us in 2020 - but video was. People and businesses were vulnerable and have been heavily impacted by the pandemic. However, from challenges rise new ideas, solutions and ways of building a stronger business.
Ensure social distancing
Minimize overcrowding
Prevent and detect spread
Guide crowds

Ensure social distancing

It can be difficult to ensure that social distancing guidelines are being followed at all times. So how can you prevent close contact without affecting individual well-being or the overall customer experience?
We’ve selected the video technologies that can effectively help you ensure social distancing:

1. Enable social distancing with distance detection
2. Identify busy areas with thermal maps
3. Limit long lines with queue management
4. Empower your video solution with LiDAR Sensor

Minimize overcrowding

Whatever your line of business, it’s crucial that staff, customers and passengers feel safe at all times – while keeping the proper social distance. So how can you prevent otherwise busy spaces from becoming overcrowded – and stay ahead of the issue of congestion before it arises?
We’ve selected the video technologies that can effectively help you minimize overcrowding:

5. Keep track of the headcount with people counting
6. Safeguard your premises with access control
7. Control how many enter and exit with door control
8. Reduce contact points with no-touch door control

Prevent and detect spread

There are many ways for a virus to spread – especially when companies are returning to work after national lockdowns. So how can you identify critical contact points, reduce the risk of virus spread?
We’ve selected the video technologies that can effectively help you prevent and detect spread:

9. Screen with elevated skin temperature detection
10. Trace contact points with contact tracing
11. Ensure the use of face masks with mask detection

Guide crowds

Keeping both employees and customers well informed is a cornerstone of managing the measures surrounding the new reality. Individuals need to understand how to comply with preventative measures. So how can you best steer people through your premises without compromising safety or the overall experience?
We’ve selected the video technologies that can effectively help you guide crowds:

12. Guide crowds with one-way routes
13. Remind people of regulations with automated cues
14. Notify people with digital signage


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