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How high frame-rate video enables snappy repairs on the production line

Juli 13, 2021

At Senzani Brevetti SpA manufacturing, a video system was needed to improve the efficiency of packaging operations for a variety of sectors. Milestone XProtect® was the perfect solution to handle the fast-paced production line surveillance.


Senzani Brevetti SpA


Ravenna, Italy

Camera count

8 AXIS network cameras

Milestone software




Challenge: Help reduce costly down time

Senzani Brevetti produces machinery and technologies for primary and secondary packaging manufacturers, as well as complete production lines. To ensure constant monitoring of the machinery and fast troubleshooting in the event of production errors, Senzani needed an integrated video surveillance system.

Solution: Quick snapshots
  • Milestone XProtect video management software VMS
  • Network cameras from Axis Communications
  • Integration of Milestone LPR module by C.OM.I.TEL

In order to guarantee high-quality video capture in the presence of a very fast rotational mechanism in the machinery, the entire packaging line was outfitted with ultra-high frame-rate IP network video cameras from Axis Communications.


The cameras were integrated with the Milestone XProtect video management platform, and recorded footage is stored on a server for up to seven days, in compliance with privacy legislation.

Result: Privacy and protection with one solution

Taking advantage of XProtect’s flexibility and ease of configuration, CO.M.I.TEL was able to create a timeline for each of the cameras, on which any potential malfunctions of the machine could be recorded or alerted and seen in real time. Indexing of the footage and any malfunction alarms are clearly displayed on a monitor outside the machinery.


The solution makes it easy to coordinate camera activity with access control of the machinery. So, when the access door is opened, cameras immediately suspend recording until the machine is restarted. By stopping the filming during machine access for repairs or maintenance, users’ privacy is protected in accordance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).


Increased efficiency and productivity are among the main benefits of the Milestone integration. In the past, an entire production line required multiple operators to monitor its functioning from the outside. Now, any malfunction can be displayed in real time on an external monitor. By eliminating the need to review entire recordings, repair staff can quickly identify the moment and location that a malfunction occurred, greatly reducing down time and costs.

We chose the Milestone solution because it’s extremely flexible, but also easy to use. This has turned out to be a constantly evolving project, and the open platform options of XProtect have allowed us to create a totally integrated solution.

Luca Boschetti, Project Manager at CO.M.I.TEL
About Senzani Brevetti SpA

Iro Senzani founded the company in 1953, with the first prototype of an automatic pasta machine. Today the third generation of the Senzani family is at the helm of the company, which has become one of the major international players in the industry of automated packaging, providing customized solutions to increase production capacity in complete safety.


Senzani packaging machines meet the needs of companies operating in a wide scope of product sectors, from food (pasta, coffee, tea, dairy products, cereals, confectionery, frozen foods and ready meals) to tobacco; from detergents (for home and personal care) to pet food; from chemical products (glues, cements, putties and cat litter) to agricultural products (fertilizers and seeds).

Machines installed

2,000+ globally


Over 85% of turnover is exports


All 5 continents and over 40 countries


40+ innovative patents filed in Europe and the U.S.

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