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What is an open platform?

Januar 20, 2022

Discover how an adaptive, open platform VMS solves your school's current and future security needs by comparing an end-to-end security system to Milestone System's open platform video technology.

School administrators have many responsibilities. The staff works hard to ensure students have what they need to make the most of every lesson. They keep the peace between classes. They fill in any gaps in between. Undoubtedly, they often must deliver results on a shoestring budget. While they're figuring out how to pay for new student laptops, improvements to the library, or renovations for the school's infrastructure, other issues can get lost in the shuffle — including security upgrades. Safety is a top priority for schools, yet budget constraints can make it difficult for administrators to pay for updates they need.

So, when a school manages to save up for security system upgrades, they need easy-to-manage, adaptable, and scalable systems. Some decision-makers might consider an end-to-end video management software (VMS). On the surface, it promises to cover all the equipment and software necessary to deploy a security project – from cameras to network video recorders.

While an end-to-end VMS system can sound comprehensive, it can be somewhat limited — especially when compared to the limitless potential of an open platform. An open platform uses software development that remains inviting to solutions from outside technology partners. It is flexible enough to adapt to the customer's specific requirements. In addition, the manufacturer works with technology partners to ensure their solutions function well with the platform.

To help you understand how an adaptive, open platform VMS solves your school's current and future security needs, let's consider how an end-to-end security system compares to Milestone System's open platform video technology.


End-to-End: While an end-to-end VMS provider may promise top-notch innovations and solutions, the products have limited capabilities. When hiccups occur in their platform, it's up to the security integration vendor to fix the problem. It could take a lot of time if the provider is ill-equipped to undertake the task.


Open Platform: Milestone's XProtect® open platform software integrates with software and hardware from trusted technology partners around the globe, meaning manufacturers building cameras, access control products, video analytics software, and much more. By partnering with these companies, Milestone is constantly adapting to schools' evolving needs, empowering administrators with the limitless potential of our open platform innovations.


End-to-End: Working with an end-to-end provider usually means you will have to use their products and stop using the system you already have on hand. That means the tools you've been using for years and already paid for might need replacement.


Open Platform: Milestone understands your need to leverage the existing security infrastructure your school already uses. For example, cameras, servers, and network equipment may need to remain. XProtect software easily integrates with many systems you might use in your existing security system. Not only does that mean XProtect is quick to install, but it also saves your school money. In addition, XProtect open platform video management software is easier for your team to use than an end-to-end solution.


End-to-End: Your security provider's capabilities limit your ability to scale up your solution. Depending on the VMS manufacturer you are working with, your product license may make it difficult or impossible to add more solutions to your system as your needs expand.


Open Platform: The Milestone licensing model is simple: One device, one license, one cost. For most XProtect products, you can add an unlimited number of recording servers – even at diverse remote locations. These can be managed from a centralized location using Interconnect. This Milestone add-on provides a cost-effective way to gain central surveillance of multiple sites spread across a region. Whether you're running a small public school district in rural Texas or a large university campus in the heart of Manhattan, our open platform allows you to scale up to meet the needs of your school seamlessly.


End-to-End: An end-to-end system depends on specific equipment, without much room for customizing the software and equipment to meet your needs. There is little room for adopting features that fall outside of the end-to-end system's capabilities. If the end-to-end system doesn't integrate with your current equipment or your school's changing needs, you'll be out of luck.


Open Platform: At Milestone, our experience tells us you want your security platform to function seamlessly with your hardware. With XProtect, you can maximize the capabilities of your current tools. The Milestone team continually tests security cameras and devices on the market for full integration compatibility. After testing thousands of cameras, you can trust that XProtect works as expected. So whether you want a system that integrates with your current hardware or refreshes your network equipment, XProtect open platform VMS can adapt to your needs.

Making your school safe and easing the burden on the budget depends on the capabilities of your school's security system. The innovation, efficiency, scalability, and adaptability are worth considering. To ensure the safety of your students and staff now and into the future, you need security solutions that have your needs in mind. By working with Milestone, you can utilize an open platform video technology that will help you safeguard everyday moments today, tomorrow, and beyond.


To learn about Milestone's education solutions, visit this page.

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