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Intrusion and alarm technology

Monitor your property all day, every day

Keep your property safe with virtual eyes and ears that are on the lookout 24/7.

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Make security easier and proactive

Security guards and operators can’t be in several places at once – but technology can. Intrusion and alarm technology ensure that every corner of your property is monitored at all times, and that any threats can be quickly identified and dealt with.

Solutions include:
  • Fire and smoke detection to protect people and property
  • Human detection to know where people are
  • Sound detection to monitor building activity
  • Tripwires for perimeter security
  • Intrusion systems to keep away unwanted visitors
  • Thermal sensors to detect human activity on your property

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Software & Hardware
IronYun Vaidio AI Vision Platform

Bereitgestellt von IronYun, Inc.

Ausbildung,Einzelhandel,Flughäfen,Gesundheitswesen,Kritische Infrastruktur,Verkehrsüberwachung

Beworbener Partner
Software & Hardware

Bereitgestellt von Forlan GmbH

Aktive Bedrohung,Analysen,Häfen,Kritische Infrastruktur,Ermöglichen situativer Wahrnehmung für Reaktionsteams,Grundstücksüberwachungssysteme

Beworbener Partner
Software & Hardware
Senturian Neurolytics Fall Down Healthcare AI

Bereitgestellt von Senturian Solutions

Analysen,Überwachung,Gesundheitswesen,Ermöglichen situativer Wahrnehmung für Reaktionsteams,Möglichst schnelle Reaktion auf medizinische Notfälle,Gesundheitsüberwachung


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