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Software & Hardware

IVS Inc.

IVS provide world-class “(1) Intelligent video analytics (2) Intelligent sound analytics (3) Facial recognition (4) Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) Solution” with unrivaled technology based on artificial intelligence(deep learning). IVS tech have 16 Intellectual properties including USA.

IVS is the only company in the world that specializes in both “Video Analytics" and “Sound Analytics” technologies and is leading a new paradigm in the global intelligent CCTV market by developing the world’s first “Watch-Hear-Speak AI CCTV“. Now, IVS is pioneering into emerging technologies such... as AI Box, Big Data and Cloud (VSaaS) solutions.

Our vision of a safe society is not limited to the local, we will make our way into the world for global society's benefit.

Intelligent Video Analytics System, Abnormal Sound Detection System, Intelligent Video Recovery System, Video Information Protection System, Smart Search System, Autotracking System, Intelligent Water Level Detection System, Crash Detection System, Tunnel Incident Detection System, etc.

16 (Including USA)

KISA video Analytics cert, INNO-Biz Business, Good Software, K-mark technology cert, the designation of excellent product cert from Korea governments, etc.


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Awards and recognition

We have been recognized with the following industry award(s)

Awards, Patents and Certifications
16+ Technology Patents including USA.
Awards, Patents and Certifications
Received the grand award of technology
Awards, Patents and Certifications
Acquired a Certificate of Intelligent CCTV and Sound abnormalities and violence Sensing Video Surveillance Device
Market-Leading IVS Technology
Top 10 Merits of IVS
IVS Business Overview
A Leader in Video, Sound and Big Data-related Artificial Intelligence Technology!
IVS Technology H/W
① Video Detection ② Sound Analytics Device ③ AI Computing Server ④ AI EDGE Device
Video Analytics Solution, part 1
IVS Major Product Video Analytics Solution
Intelligent Video Analytics, part2
IVS Major Product Video Analytics Solution
Intelligent Sound Analytics Solution
IVS Major Product Sound Analytics Solution

Other certifications

Milestone verified Video analytics solution
Milestone verified Video analytics solution
Milestone verified Abnormal sound analytics solution
Milestone verified Abnormal sound analytics solution
IVS Inc.

Located at:

Republik Korea

Seoul, South Korea
Republik Korea


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IVS Inc.
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