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Surveillance technology

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Surveillance is about monitoring and recording people and places for safety and security. A host of technology is available to detect video, audio, heat and electronics use. When backed by robust processes and systems, these tools can combine to create a reliable surveillance system.

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Surveillance can take many forms, all of which can be combined into highly customized and effective systems. The key goal is situational awareness of the entire site, and there are a range of technologies that can be put to task here.

Solutions include:
  • LPR/ANPR to capture license plate numbers
  • Access control systems to limit property access
  • Identity management to confirm who can access property
  • PSIM/command and control to manage routine and emergency situations
  • Evidence management to prove that an incident took place
  • Audio/motion sensors to detect suspicious sounds or movement
  • Drones to locate injured people or detect safe points of passage

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Beworbener Partner
Software & Hardware
AXIS Optimizer

Bereitgestellt von Axis Communications

Bis zu 1.000 Kameras in einem System,Forensische Analytik,Vertikaler Fokus,Kritische Infrastruktur,Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel,Smart Client Plug-ins

Beworbener Partner
Software & Hardware
Seneca an Arrow Company - Rapid REVIEW Hardware

Bereitgestellt von SENECA, An Arrow Company

Analysen,Sammlung von Beweismaterial für strafrechtliche Ermittlungen,Verstehen des Kundenverhaltens,Integrationsdesign

Beworbener Partner
Software & Hardware
innoVi - AI-powered Video Analytics Platform

Bereitgestellt von Irisity

Erkennung/Abschreckung,Untersuchung,Analysen,Cloud-Dienste,Vor Ort


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