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Understand customer behavior


Your video management software (VMS) solution can do a lot more than security. In fact, it could be the window to understanding what your customers really want and how to provide it.

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Make your VMS
a key business driver

More and more businesses are tapping into the enormous potential of their VMS for tasks as diverse as analyzing customer behavior to managing inventory. You may be surprised by what’s possible with the right partner.

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Where do customers walk? What catches their attention? Which wares are sold the fastest? The business intelligence possibilities offered by your VMS are endless. These solution models could provide some inspiration. 
Tracking & monitoring
Access control
Vehicles & traffic
Solution model:

Tracking & monitoring 

Consumer behavior is a goldmine that we now have the technology to unlock. With video analytics software you can analyze facial and emotional reactions to messaging and track eye movement and foot traffic. You can also record which items are leaving the shelves and when. Point-of-sales systems, facial recognition and RFID tags are just a sample of the technology that retailers and other businesses can use to surface invaluable business insights.
Solution model:

Access control

In a malls and stores, access control systems can reduce security staff numbers, manage staff changes and restrict movement in specified areas. Operators can tag suspicious people, objects, or events and give or deny accessto individualsin real-time. With the advent of COVID-19, the ability to monitor the number of people entering a store has reached an all new level of importance –– and access control that blocks entrances once a threshold has been reached could save a retailer both effort and a fine.
Solution model:

Vehicles & traffic

Shopping centers, sports venues and events could all profit from understanding their customers’ mode of transport so they can better accommodate them. Command and control centers with a Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) system can integrate a host of analytical tools to help map vehicle traffic and other relevant behavior.
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Perché scegliere Milestone?

Completamente configurabile e pronta per il futuro

L’architettura a piattaforma aperta di XProtect consente di adattarlo, ridimensionarlo e aggiornarlo a seconda dell’evoluzione delle tue necessità.

Sicurezza e prestazioni affidabili

Oltre a minimizzare le interruzioni e migliorare il ROI, la nostra piattaforma assicura la massima tranquillità anche grazie alla conformità con il GDPR e lo standard FIPS 140-2.

Collaborativa e orientata al servizio

Crea soluzioni video eccezionali affidandoti ai prodotti, ai servizi e alle competenze di Milestone e all’esperienza della nostra rete globale di partner.

Responsabile e pensata per le persone

Usa la tecnologia video in modo etico e in conformità con le norme, mentre esplori nuovi modi per migliorare il benessere, la sicurezza e la salute delle persone. 

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