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Responsible technology

How Milestone is ensuring our technology is developed, sold, and used responsibly.
Committed to ethics and human rights
As pioneers in data-driven video technology, we recognize our responsibility to respect the human rights of anyone impacted by our products. Accordingly, we are committed to doing our part to help ensure emerging technologies are only used for the benefit of society. We believe that people-first, ethical behavior is inseparable from the business of video technology software. 

“Emerging technologies have the remarkable potential to enable societies and businesses to solve major challenges, ushering in a new era of innovation and problem-solving. Such power must be matched with robust regulation. At Milestone, we take Responsible technology seriously by prioritizing the rules in our daily operations, reflecting our commitment to society.”
Thomas Jensen, CEO, Milestone Systems
A foundational approach
Responsibility requires deep roots. We’re digging ours deep through our ways of working that embed a responsible mindset in every step of our business lifecycle — including how we engage with partners and develop our products. We work according to five Responsible Technology Principles:

Accountability: To ensure our technologies is subject to human control and overview 

Transparency: To explain our technologies and provide understanding of their intended use 

Fairness & inclusion: To ensure our technologies are free from harmful bias 

Privacy: To respect the privacy rights of people and communities 

Security: To protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our technologies 

      Our ongoing journey
      Became one of the first organizations in the world to adopt the G7 Code of Conduct on AI, which aims to promote safe, secure, and trustworthy AI worldwide.
      Introduced the Responsible Technology Principles as a framework for prioritizing and addressing responsible technology issues.
      Launched the Corporate Strategic Initiative on Responsible technology, chaired by our CEO, to oversee progress and address arising issues. We also prioritized research efforts on responsible technology solutions.
      Established the Corporate Affairs Department, a specialized team focused on addressing societal concerns and promoting responsible technology.
      Incorporated the Copenhagen Clause into our license agreements, achieved the GDPR seal, published a whistleblower system and started a collaboration on responsible AI with Aalborg University.
      Signed the Copenhagen Letter, a powerful manifesto that advocates for putting humans before profits.
      Introduced a Human Rights clause in our end-user license agreements.

      Uniquely positioned for success

      Milestone is present worldwide, but we remain close to our Scandinavian heritage with its emphasis on societal and environmental wellbeing. In that spirit we co-authored the landmark 2017 Copenhagen Letter on ethical technology; and recently became one of the first companies to adopt the G7 Code of Conduct for Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems.

      Responsible technology in practice

      We have established a range of policies that govern our approach to responsible technology.

      Whistleblower Portal
      If you have witnessed or suspect breaches relating to our compliance, privacy, anti-corruption or social responsibility standpoints, then the Milestone Whistleblower Portal is your first step to helping us investigate and, if necessary, rectify them.
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