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New Device Pack 13.2 out now!
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Bosch New API CPP 14.3 Devices Support.

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Canon Edge storage support.

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I-PRO New image capture mode support.

Download the latest device pack below


Corporate, Expert, Professional+, Express+, Essential+

Milestone Husky:
Husky IVO 150D, Husky IVO 350T, Husky IVO 350R, Husky IVO 700R, Husky IVO 1000R, Husky IVO 1800R, Husky X2, Husky X8, M500 Advanced, M550 Advanced

Enterprise, Professional, Express, Essential

Milestone Husky:
M50, M30, M20

What's in the latest device pack?

What is in the latest device pack?

New features and additional support:

Bosch (Bosch Driver)
Added support for Bosch New API CPP 14.3 & it’s supported devices.

Canon (Canon1ChDevice & Canon1ChPtzDevice Driver)
Added support for retrieval of Video edge storage recordings.

Digital Barriers (DigitalBarriersTVIDecoder Driver)
Updated driver to use EdgeVisDecoderSDK v8.5.3.

i-PRO/Panasonic (Panasonic Driver)
Added missing image capture modes for some devices - WV-X15500-V3L, WV-X22500-V3L, WVX25500-
V3LN, WV-X15500-V3LN.



Fixed Issues:



• Axis, Bosch & Hanwha
Fixed issue of jittery video when enabling SRTP.
• Canon
Fixed issue with PTZ Home position not working when using a custom name for the Home position preset.
• Hanwha
Fixed issue with video channel number greater than 16 not working for HanwhaDVR driver.
Fixed issue with activating preset positions greater than 99 in SamsungSNP3430Ptz driver. Increased max supported preset positions to 255.
• i-PRO/Panasonic
Fixed handling of unsupported codec values previously resulting in a crash.
Fixed issue with dewarping of 360 fisheyes.
Fixed issue with dynamic events not working when using HTTP port different than 80.
Fixes for detection and triggering of dynamic events for BOS and JALUD Embedded devices.
Fixed a memory leak in the driver when device is unresponsive.
Device Discovery 
Fixed automatic discovery for AV05CMB-100.
Fixed automatic discovery for Siqura devices.

It is not possible to download the Device Packs from a mobile device. In order to that, you need to use a laptop or stationary PC.



Two device packs, which one do I need?

To avoid large and download-heavy device packs, we have split our device pack into two. We now have a device pack with drivers for the most commonly used devices and a legacy device pack with drivers for cameras that are older and less used. Find out which device pack you need below. 

Please note the Legacy Device Pack is no longer supported; use at your own risk. Milestone recommends that you use the current Device Packs, available here.

Start by selecting your Milestone product




M500 Advanced
M550 Advanced





Based on your selection, these are the device pack(s) you need. Select more devices or click to download. 

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Select your device brand and model(s)

Puoi scegliere solo 50 modelli di dispositivo per ogni selezione.
Got a question? Check out our device packs FAQs

Milestone XProtect® is conformant with 4 ONVIF profiles*:

profile G ONVIFprofile S ONVIFprofile T ONVIF


 Checkmark   What?  ONVIF is a leading and well-recognized industry forum whose mission is to provide and promote standardized interfaces for effective interoperability of IP-based physical security products.When products that conform to the same ONVIF profile are used together, systems designers and end users know that they can easily design and use a system where products will seamlessly communicate and integrate.

 Checkmark    How?  Milestone is currently certified with ONVIF profiles G, S, T and M – and we constantly add new functionality to our ONVIF drivers, making sure that they are compliant with the most recent official ONVIF specifications.

 Checkmark   Important to know:  This does not necessarily mean that all ONVIF cameras are directly supported by Milestone. If the cameras follow the standard profiles S, G, T, or M they will likely work with Milestone XProtect, and be able to send and receive video, audio and configuration data. However, in case of any issues, we will still only offer support on the devices our driver teams have worked to test directly – check the list here. For specific support of ONVIF devices not on this list, please refer to the camera or device manufacturer directly

 Checkmark     ONVIF Drivers – We have created standard ONVIF drivers to facilitate the integration of compliant devices into XProtect.


*Conformance with Profile Q is no longer maintained as it is deprecated from 2022 onwards. Some functionality related to Profile Q might still be available in XProtect.



Learn more about ONVIF drivers

We constantly add new functionality to our ONVIF drivers, making sure that they are compliant with the most recent official ONVIF specifications. We are currently certified with ONVIF profiles S, G and T and ONVIF Test Tool version 17.06 rev. 1694, allowing us to connect to thousands of global devices and partners.

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See which settings, features, events and profiles are supported by the 1 channel and 16 channel ONVIF drivers

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See settings are dynamic and how do the drivers handle events

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See what do you need to set up selected important functionalities

What about other devices?
Receive simple video and audio streams using the Milestone Universal Driver

If your device does not have a dedicated driver, or it’s not ONVIF compliant – fear not. The Milestone Universal driver will allow it to send video and audio streams into XProtect – without being able to control or configure the device from the VMS. Find out more from our technical documentation.

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