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Vehicle and traffic technology

See and understand traffic patterns

Vehicle and traffic technology can improve public safety, assist emergency responders, and allow drivers
and passengers to travel more efficiently.

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Anticipate vehicle and traffic patterns and trends 

Whether it’s a fleet of taxis, an emergency response system, school buses or tractor trailers, managing vehicles and traffic is complex. Luckily, technology and services allow us to see and understand traffic and vehicle use patterns, so that we can anticipate trends and improve traffic flow on our roads, tracks and seaways.

Solutions include:
  • Mass notification systems to inform about emergencies and other critical information
  • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) for an overview of large area traffic patterns
  • Decision management technology for determining road closures
  • Incident management technology for coordinating emergency response
  • Alarm systems for alerting the public and authorities
  • Traffic management for understanding patterns and road use

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