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Detection and deterrence technology

Anticipate and prevent incidents from happening 

Keep property and people safe with technology that is designed to detect patterns, unwanted behavior and deter it from happening.

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Detect and deter unwanted visitors

Detection and deterrence tactics are about detecting specific things or events for the purpose of safety. Detection technology can help identify a suspicious person, vehicle, sound, or item. The same technology can also be used to deter unwanted behavior like shoplifting, violence or vandalism.

Solutions include:
  • Motion detection to determine activity on your property
  • Alarm systems to send emergency alerts
  • Access control systems to ensure access to the right people
  • Biometrics to better identify individuals
  • Visitor management to control where and how visitors access your property
  • PSIM/Command and control to gain a full overview of your operation.

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Software & Hardware
IronYun Vaidio AI Vision Platform

Fourni par IronYun, Inc.

Aéroports,Éducation,Infrastructures critiques,Retail,Santé,Surveillance du trafic

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Software & Hardware
Senturian Neurolytics Fall Down Healthcare AI

Fourni par Senturian Solutions

Analyse vidéo,Surveillance,Santé,Fournir une connaissance situationnelle aux équipes d’intervention,Intervenir lors d’urgences médicales aussi rapidement que possible,Suivi médical

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Software & Hardware
StarWind HyperConverged Appliance for Video

Fourni par StarWind Software Inc.

Aéroports,Fabrication,Ports maritimes,Santé,Surveillance du trafic,Technologies de l’information


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