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Cutting-edge compliance and video analytics software

Facit solves problems, creates opportunities and enhances business operations through cutting-edge compliance and video analytics software.

Save time with AI-powered redaction software which has been developed especially for Milestone, including "Live blur" and "Playback redaction" plug-ins.
... Comply with data protection laws by completing data requests in-house without overwhelming your teams.

Optimise operations with Smart Count, our people counting software. Deployed on existing CCTV cameras,
gather BI data and make informed decisions to improve business efficiency and commercial profitability, whilst remaining compliant with data protection laws.

At the forefront of technology, we’re continuously developing our software, adapting to current and future needs. We empower organisations by providing them with the tools they need.

Our software is easy to deploy, scale and maintain. It reduces costs, reduces the pressure on employees and increases business efficiency.

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Technology Partner
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Awards and recognition

We have been recognized with the following industry award(s)

Video redaction patent
In 2021, Facit secured a patent for the technology used in Identity Cloak (our video redaction software).
Video redaction patent
In 2021, Facit secured a patent for the technology used in Identity Cloak (our video redaction software).

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United Kingdom
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United States
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