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How cloud security is a breeze for Fortune 500 ICT using data-driven video tech

novembre 23, 2023

One of India's Fortune 500 Information Communications Technology (ICT) providers also has a presence across North America, the United Kingdom and Singapore. With cloud at the core of its service and solutions portfolio, this ICT expanded to address market growth, becoming India’s largest digital transformation company. They deliver a converged tech ecosystem with the region’s largest MPLS network, top-of-the-line data centers, and cloud-managed services. Their cloud-first strategy increased focus on the security of data management, with a growing emphasis on data protection and localization policies.


Fortune 500 Info Comms Tech (ICT) provider


Chennai, India; N. America, UK, Singapore

1,170 hardware devices by Tyco, Vivotek, Hikvision

XProtect VMS, Smart Wall


Solus access control, Gallagher Perimeter PIDS, AllGoVision video analytics, Allied Telesis network switches, Dell EMC servers and storage


Atos Global, JCI, ADN Fire, Prudent Control
Challenge: Cloud-first strategy puts focus on security

This ICT was the first private Internet Service Provider (ISP) in India. Millions experienced the internet for the first time on their network, which pioneered the Internet café, and voice and data services for international call centers.

Today data centers house numerous assets, applications, storage units and cooling systems. With so many complex components working simultaneously, it became cumbersome for data center managers and operators to monitor performance and visitation information, prevent unauthorized entry, and protect the data from loss, malicious manipulation and theft.

Solution: Open platform video clears the overview

To ensure the safety of its business, assets, employees, and visitors, the ICT sought a cybersecurity-compliant system and more efficient IT management. The monitoring technology had to be flexible and user-friendly, with open architecture to integrate with other sub-systems.

Milestone’s video software delivered round-the-clock monitoring of servers from centralized and remote locations, enabling access to be controlled and overseen with standardized processes. The system operates with the access control to monitor gateway points after verifying authorization, and Milestone XProtect® Smart Wall shows control room display with video feeds from the mix of installed cameras, reducing the cost of operations through centralized efficiencies.

Results: Centrally tracking all movements

XProtect made monitoring more manageable and straightforward. The system primarily helps track employees, visitors, facility staff, customers and critical assets within the premises. It also enables overview of all activities and movements, alerting the security team in emergencies, failures, disruptions, or theft situations.

Milestone's video technology has also reduced and optimized human resources needed for on-site security, and lowered threats. After installation of the security system, an overall sense of safety and confidence has prevailed.

The situational awareness at the data center has increased significantly. The company plans on new facilities and requirements, intending to further deploy technologies that are future proof in their design.

Implementing the Milestone platform at our global network operations center in Chennai was designed to address security concerns in our high-risk environment. XProtect is quite comprehensive and meets our management needs. The highlights include the ability to integrate with the existing infrastructure, create a preventive and future-proof solution, and ensure cybersecurity. By leveraging the power of the open architecture video software, we’re able to get real-time alerts of any security breaches along with other value-adds like lowering the bandwidth and storage needs.
Head of Data Center Projects, ICT
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