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How Tlaxcala, Mexico, cut response time and slashed crime with data-driven video technology

Faced with increasing crime and slowing emergency response, the Executive Commission of the State Public Security System (CESESP) for Tlaxcala, Mexico, deployed a significant upgrade and expansion of their video system with open platform, data-driven video technology from Milestone Systems. Officials saw a 93% reduction in cargo thefts and 22.5% decrease in vehicle thefts.


Executive Commission, State Public Security Systems (CESESP)


State of Tlaxcala, Mexico


800+ from Bosch, Hanwha Vision, Hikvision, Pelco 


BriefCam AI video analytics for LPR and object detection, HP, Lenovo 


Digital Information Systems/Sistemas Digitales de Informacion (SDI)

Challenge: expand existing video system to reduce crime

As vehicle and cargo thefts rose, and unresolved traffic accidents grew to worrying levels in the State of Tlaxcala, Mexico, authorities wanted more video cameras in the territory to help combat such issues. The extensive system upgrade required a highly scalable, open-platform video management software (VMS) to enable a fast and smooth integration of more than 800 new cameras from different manufacturers. State officials also needed to keep the existing system fully operational throughout the upgrade and wanted software with a reliable foundation for future expansion.

Solution: highly scalable, data-driven, open-platform video tech

The Executive Commission for the State Public Security Systems (CESESP) needed to both expand and upgrade the capabilities of its existing security infrastructure with a comprehensive video system that could handle video streams from different cameras by multiple manufacturers. The new system includes cameras from Bosch Security and Safety Systems, Hanwha Vision, Hikvision, and Pelco, all integrated and managed by Milestone XProtect® Corporate VMS from Milestone Systems.

The system is also fully integrated with the BriefCam Video Analytics Platform, delivering video intelligence for system managers to identify, monitor, investigate, and visualize incidents and video data and make smarter decisions  

“The XProtect Corporate open platform VMS allowed us to leverage our existing cameras and servers, to integrate new equipment and devices — making the process very efficient and cost-effective. We never had a gap in service.”

Isaac Sánchez Morales, Engineer at Digital Information Systems (SDI)

The BriefCam video analytics seamlessly integrate into Milestone’s XProtect Smart Client. This detects, identifies and classifies video metadata for more efficient investigations and decisions, such as finding missing persons, investigating vandalism, theft, assaults, accidents, injuries, or acts of violence — extracting and analyzing through heatmaps, dashboards, and visualizations.

“With BriefCam’s RESEARCH and RESPOND solution, object characteristics and license plate recognition tools can be used to trigger rule-based alerts, which is very useful for overcoming the challenges of urban security and driving proactive policing in Tlaxcala.”

Isaac Sánchez Morales, Engineer at Digital Information Systems (SDI)
Result: the lowest crime rate in Mexico

The Milestone platform aligns with CESESP’s vision for a centralized system with all elements integrated, providing operators and police with full coverage of the analytics.

“Milestone’s VMS integration and the detailed analytics give operators a single data feed where the entire surveillance system can be accessed as needed. We don’t miss a thing, which is priority number one when dealing with safety.”

Isaac Sánchez Morales, Engineer at Digital Information Systems (SDI)

After the upgrade, data from the Executive Secretariat of National Public Security Systems reported that Tlaxcala had the lowest crime in Mexico. They saw a 93% reduction in cargo thefts from carriers, and vehicle thefts decreased by 22.5%.

In the near future, each municipality in the territory will have its own focused XProtect VMS. Using Milestone Interconnect, all the local subsystems will integrate directly with the state-wide platform, where professionals monitor around the clock on a large, 24-screen video wall. This setup will provide a cost-efficient way to gain central surveillance of multiple sites spread across the region.

Government officials have also started expanding the C4 center to C5i status by adding Coordination and Intelligence to the current Control, Command, Communications, and Computing functions (C4). Migrating to C5i status will strengthen the services of the center through tight agency coordination, including the 911 and 089 response systems. The CESESP plans to increase intelligent monitoring points for greater visualization and control providing a safe and secure environment for the citizens and visitors of Tlaxcala. 

“The integrated solution delivered through Milestone is a robust, efficient, and secure system that provides all the necessary tools for our video surveillance operation. In addition, the excellent technical and post-sales support from Milestone and SDI has led us to meet the performance goals we set for ourselves.”

Maximino Hernández Pulido, Executive Commissioner, State Public Security System
About Tlaxcala and State CESESP
  • Located in East-Central Mexico, the State of Tlaxcala is one of the 32 states within the Federal Entities of Mexico.  
  • With a population of about 1,343,000 as of 2020, Tlaxcala is one of the most densely populated states, ranging from 50 people/km in rural areas to over 270 people/km in the capital city of Tlaxcala de Xicohténcatl. 
  • The Executive Commission (CESESP) for the State of Tlaxcala is in charge of providing for the safety and security of citizens in 60 municipalities.  
  • The CESESP manages the Control, Command, Communications, and Computing Center (C4), which serves as the heart of all security operations in the territory, including the 911 emergency response system.
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